Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please excuse this crazy picture post, but we have been all over the place this holiday and I must record our travels. MEMORIES, PEOPLE!! Memories, that I hope this mama will one day be able to look back and reflect on! 

I thought this pic was cute....Lilly loved punching the button on the floor to turn the tree on every night! 
 My sweet Walt in is Christmas smocked outfit that his daddy griped about...but I don't care!! :) 
 An early Christmas from Taylor and Jake....thanks a million RaRa....Lilly loves her make-up, her mama, not so much! 
 We went to the Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and Lilly decided to try her hand at shooting the pink gun! Her daddy was super proud! 
 Aunt My came to visit....we LOVE when she comes! She is so much fun and is LOTS of help! 
 A happy Christmas little girl! Merry Merry! 
 Santa Claus came to see Walt! 
 Santa came to see Lilly, and left her trampoline in the backyard! WOW! 
 Christmas morning fun!! 
 We made it to Mamie and Boo's house! Lilly loved the dress that Mamie gave her and had to put it on immediately upon opening. Aunt My gave her the keyboard and microphone, and she loves that, too! Such a blessed little girl! 
 Christmas madness at Mamie and Boo's new house! This the view from the upstairs! 
 We boarded a plane the day after the Christmas to spend a few days with these folks...Brian's 3 sisters and mom. We also were able to see his Dad and stepmother while in Maryland and lots of Aunts and Uncles and cousins. It was really great to see everyone that we only get to see every now and then.  
 It snowed one day when we were there and Lilly was so excited. We were not prepared for snow, so we pieced some things together from some other cousins and headed out to make a few snowballs. 
 This was Christmas madness in Maryland....whew! It was crazy fun! 
 My little guy...having fun with all the madness around him. 
 Riley, Mikela and Lilly watching a movie together! Cousin love!  
 Lilly with her Aunt Jamie 
 Aunt KK loved snuggling with these two while we were there! 
 Introducing BAT GIRL....princess no more!
 We are BAT GIRL...HI-LARIOUS!! She wanted a super hero costume so bad and her Aunt Jamie provided and Lilly was SUPER happy! She loves it! 
 Grammy was so glad to have us there. She got her some good Walt lovin', too! 
 Aunt Shelly and Walt! 
 Cousin Nicki was a lifesaver on Saturday at the big family get together. Lilly was under the weather, Brian was a little preoccupied with family he hasn't seen in years, and there just wasn't enough of me to go around. Nicki took care of baby Walt and I am pretty sure enjoyed every minute of it! :) 
 Walt and Uncle Bret, being silly! 
 Aunt Sharon is pretty much amazingly talented in many areas and quilting would be one of them that I am so grateful to her for. I have quite a few treasures that she has made more me over the years that I have been in the Atwood family, but none as special as both my babies blankets. She gave this one to Walt while we were there and I LOVE it. Thanks, Aunt Sharon for your gift of love to us! We love it! 
 Baby Walt have too much fun! 
 Brian's cousin, Jessie and her husband Dale. We love seeing them when we are there! 
 Another great one of Grammy and Walt
 Baby Walt with sweet Malorie Rose...Jessie and Dale's baby girl! PRECIOUS! 
 AND this, my what Christmas is all about! LOVE! Children make it so much fun. It was almost magical watching Lilly this year. She was in awe of everything that took place. I pray that she understands why we celebrate Christmas in such a big's because of Jesus. Without HIM, there wouldn't be Christmas. God Gave Us Christmas is a great book that we read together a lot this year. My prayer is that she and Walt will clearly understand that HE is the REASON for the SEASON and the BEST gift of All! 

As we are already into the year 2013, I wish you all a healthy and prosperous one! We are facing several "unknowns" in this family and appreciate any and all prayers. Our motto is "Trusting Jesus in 2013". That is all we can do....I pray that you will do the same, and when you see me and I not doing to well, remind me of my motto for the year! Thanks, friends! 

All my love! 
Sara Whitten 

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Shannon Willcutt said...

Such fun times!! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful Christmas!!

I think I would squeeze Walt man to pieces if I could get a hold of him...he looks so squeeze-a-licious!!!

Happy new year!!!