Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Busy Busy and Easter Celebrations!

It is never a dull moment at the Atwood home. Walt is busy busy and even though he is not walking, he is climbing, crawling and into everything! I found him this one night in Lilly's room destroying her nicely set up doll house. Just imagine the dramatic episode that took place when she found him. She is already that sister that is closing her door to her room and forbidding her little brother to enter.
I had a birthday on March 18 and I do love a birthday. It doesn't have to be mine, but I will not lie, I love mine a lot! I had a great day...Facebook make birthdays so amazing and then dinner with my sweet family was wonderful, too. I just love my little guy!
     Lilly Whit is something else, when it comes to cleaning and setting things up in her room. I took these pictures the other night. I am not sure what this is all about??
I am going to surely miss things like this one day, so I had to capture the moment. Even though her doll house is less than a foot away, she for some reason, likes to have it all set up outside the house, at times.
And I just have no words for this....this is what happens when I give her permission to make some whiskers on her face to be like a lion and I go do something for Brian on the computer....she came out looking like this. She thought it was great!
Palm Sunday- What a great day. Lilly did great walking down the aisle at church. I love hearing her say "Hosanna, Hosanna!"
...and I love even more when I say "Lilly, what does Hosanna mean?" and she says "Save me, Save me!" Oh, thank you Lord for such Godly people that pour into my children. I am thankful that they are helping me on this journey.
Lilly and Anna Lauren at the Beauty Review....I hope they never want to participate in that. That is surely not my thing!! I believe in the phrase that my mama and grandmama said over and over again, "Pretty is as Pretty does!" :)
I am so glad that we went, because our sweet Kristen got a beauty. We love Kristen and Lilly was so excited when they called her name out....she really wanted her to have a crown, though!!
I LOVE EASTER!! The HOPE, PEACE and JOY that this day brings is indescribable.
Lilly's 3k Easter Egg hunt was out our house and it turned out great! Look at all those cute little bunnies.
Lilly trying her hand at the pinata! She has good form, but I am still not sure that softball is going to be our sport.
This is one cute and tough crew...Caroline, Anna Lauren, Lilly, Emerson, Jake and Maddux. All such sweet friends for life.
Everybody make a silly face for the camera.
These girls are best buddies!
Dyeing Easter Eggs...thank goodness Sidney was there to help!
YAY!! So pretty!
Sweet baby Walt just chillin' at the church egg hunt.
Hayden, Piper and Lilly with their eggs.
Walt and his buddy, Micah hunting some eggs.
Walt man having some much fun!
Poor little guy...he just doesn't like the Easter Bunny. Our conversation on Sunday morning. 
Brian: Walt, I think the Easter Bunny came to see you last night. 
Lilly: Dad, why are you telling Walt that the Easter Bunny came to see him? Walt HATES the Easter Bunny! 
True Statement!!
My handsome little guy on Easter Sunday, in his precious Easter frock!!
My pretty little girl on Easter Sunday, in her sweet dress!!
Aunt LaLa and Lilly decorating the bunny cake, it's tradition!
I love my sweet 4th, 5th, and 6th graders that I teach on Wednesday nights. We have so much learning more and more about our Savior. We had a great time the Wednesday before Easter. They went on an egg hunt and had to find the phrase..
PROM TIME...Betsy and Clayton had their Senior Prom. How blessed we were to be able to share in those memories with them. I love these two kiddos and am going to miss them so much next year!!
So, my blog pictures got majorly out of order, but we had the cutest, sweetest Easter Bunny come to Lilly's 3k Easter Egg hunt!! Brian and I loved getting our pic made with this sweet bunny!
My prayer for you all, is that you were able to celebrate our risen Lord and Savior this Easter. I have been singing this all week....
"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow! 
Because He lives, all fear is gone! 
Because I know He holds the future, and life is worth the living just because he lives!" 

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