Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crawfish Alley 2013 and more fun!

It's been long standing tradition for Crawfish Alley to be held in Tunica each year at the Tunica Rivergate Festival. My brother, Uncle Tom has big part in making it all happen. He is part of the Tunica Crawfish Crew and they cooked 10,000lbs of crawfish this year. The proceeds go to Tunica Academy. It's a great cause and lots of fun. Lilly has been taking an annual Crawfish Alley pic with Uncle Tom since she was we have added Walt. This was his first year at the Alley since he was just a few days old last year. They had their matching crawfish outfits compliments of Aunt Lala!!
Posing at the Alley
The family at the Rivergate Festival....Lilly was at the stage dancing!
Lilly's buddy, Ford, had a birthday party and the kids were to wear their camo! Lilly didn't have any, but her daddy was fine with us getting a shirt! She is now ready to hunt, too! She was so proud of herself for sliding down the big slide. She was been scared of that, but has conquered her fears.
Excited to be at the CAMO Party!
Happy Happy Birthday, Ford! We love you! Thanks for letting us share in your special day!
Our sweet friend, Olivia Kate Prince, and baby Walt. They sure do love each other. I am thankful to have Olivia live in our neighborhood. She is so much help with Lilly and Walt!
A loyal customer took Brian and I out to eat Friday night. It was so nice to get out of the house without the children and engage in adult conversation while enjoying a wonderful meal. Thank you, Andrew and Robin, for your generous gift! We are thankful for your business! Our sweet Sissy babysat for us and this is what we saw when we got home...all of them snuggled up, even Dori, watching a movie!! I am going to miss this when that "big" girl of mine moves to Starkville in 3 short months.
On Wednesday Walt had his 12 month shots...poor little guy! He really did so good, but was more frustrated with that band-aid they put on his thumb than anything. AND Lilly asked me if she could dress herself for church and I said, YES!! THIS is what she wore....bunny ears, a batman belt, tutu, cowgirl boots and a Nike shirt....that would be my child! Whatever...I picked my battles that night, and she was soooo excited about getting to wear that too church!
We wish the weather was a little warmer and dryer, but other than that we are doing really well. I am still not working and so far the Lord has provided for our every need and them some. HE is so faithful. I finally have a peace about right where I am and know that something will come along and it will be just what I need to take care of my family! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Victoria said...

Your babies are the cutest. Love Lily's personality! Looks like lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pics!! Love the sunglasses and boots, of course :) I'm sure Brian was happy to see her wearing some camo!

Aunt KK