Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer 2013 - We are BUSY

We have had a great start to our summer. The three cute girls above were so much fun at the Zoo. Lilly and I sure do love hanging out with our Tomlinson girls. We had a great day touring the zoo. It was a GORGEOUS day, and they even put on their swim suits and got in the fountain! 
Mary Brooks and I watching the little girls ride on the boats. 
Lilly and Caroline riding the boats together!
Mary Brooks with her sweet mama, Allison aboard the train!
Lilly hugging up on Caroline. Caroline does seem to enjoy it this time, but poor thing does sometime get tired of Lilly and all of her affection. Allison and I just laugh and tell them both to work it out.
My baby boy is walking pretty much everywhere now. He still will hit his knees in a flash if he thinks he can get there faster, and he LOVES a ball. Any kind of ball, he has a fit for. He sees one and he starts going crazy for it. I think it's so neat how girls are so attracted to girl things and boys to balls and tractors. I have loved watching this little guy grow. I am looking forward to watching him play some ball one day!
Aunt My came home for a short stay to have some pool time and she and Lilly started early doing cheerleading moves! Lilly loved it....she kept saying, "Mama, 'bideo, bideo it'"
WooHoo...Go Bulldogs!!
Mamie and Walt enjoying some pool time
Our Sissy...the world's best kid trainer has taught our little man to give kisses!
He thinks he is just like the rest of us..."I am 14 months old, I don't need a baby float!" That mentality makes for a nerve racking day at the pool, and lots of work! Thankful he naps well and often times, long! :)
I was thankful to share a fun night with these sweet friends. They are both moving away from me and I am not happy about it one bit!! Ashely to Pennsylvania and Monica to Tupelo. Both of them have exciting opportunities awaiting them there and I am so proud of them! You go girls!!
Lilly loves going to Sidney and Brooks' house because they have horses there. On this day it was an extra special treat because D was home and she got to feed them!!
My little girl who loves animals
She was really bothered that the horses did not have carrots, she told them they needed carrots so she went back to the house and go those horses some carrots!
Lilly dishing up the feed
Lilly helping D....she is very serious when it comes to feeding the animals!
Our sweet Daddy celebrated a birthday! Aunt Lala made a cake and Lilly was there to help him blow out the candles!
Loving being able to blow out the candles on everyone's birthday cake!
Our sweet friend, Aubrey Claire was in her first play, Cinderella! We went to support our sweet girl. She did so good!
Lilly and Isabelle love each other. Lilly likes bossing her around.
The crew after the play and wonderful meal, compliments of sweet Mrs. Charisse!!
Oh, Lilly had a week of swimming lessons and she did marvelous. I was so proud of her. She is swimming like a fish. No puddle jumper anymore.
Waiting in line to go off the diving board. She is a pro and loves it!
Sweet little girls waiting their turn at swimming lessons.
Grammy sent these two a package...Lilly loves getting things in the mail from Grammy. They both got some new sunglasses and walt got his beach chair.
My sweet little man sliding down his slide that Anderson gave him.
We are having a wonderful summer so far. We are thankful for all of our blessings. 

Love to you all, 
Sara Whitten

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