Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Fun

So....my babies love some MSU football. Walt just loves any kind of ball right now and "ball" is one of the four words that he can say, the others are shoe, juice and mama. My little guy talks a lot, but you just cant understand much of what he says! That's okay....I know that it will come and I will miss this jibber jabber! 
My sweet girl loves a cheerleader...it doesn't matter what kind, but she was TOTALLY infatuated with Delaney, a real MSU cheerleader. Delaney was so sweet and let her cheer with her during the dawg walk. Lilly loved it and did not want to leave.
Lilly LOVES Harrison and we have so much fun with him at the MSU games. He carries Lilly all over, so "she doesn't have to walk". She is SPOILED....by so many!
We love Mrs. Beverly! I mean, not every little girl in 4k gets to hang out with their teacher on the weekends. Lilly loves seeing her teacher at MSU and takes all of her friends by her tent to "show them her teacher". We are blessed to be at a school where they love all the little ones so very much!
Christmas can't get here soon enough for this little guy and his Daddy...Walt needs some boy toys, Brian says, but I have a feeling all the boy toys in the world are not going to keep Walt man out of his sister's jewels! :)
Bath tub fun....
My little guy, eating goldfish and cheesin it up for the camera! Abby is also under that table and he is feeding more of his goldfish to Abby than he actually is eating them!
Lilly was able to cheer at the pep rally and she had a great time!
Such sweet little MHS Chiefs!!
We loved having Aunt LaLa come with us to the MSU Homecoming game! We went to the PhiMu house for a little Homecoming Brunch and then we took LaLa to see the PiPhi house, since she was one at the University of Alabama. It was a fun day in Starkville and on campus with just the girls.
These sweet and pretty PhiMu ladies visited us at the tent! We loved having Drew and Megan visit us and THANK GOODNESS they got Lilly doing the PhiMu pose...I am tired of seeing that KD mess...HaHa..just kidding!!
GO DAWGS!! Lilly with her Daddy cheering on the Bulldogs from our seats.
Posing with Aunt LaLa before game time!
MHS had the Harvest Fun Festival and because I was sick with the FLU and STREP, I could not attend! Thanks to sweet Maggie, Lilly went and had a great time.
This girl loves the bungee jump ride.....
We have lots of birthday parties in the fall. Parker turned 4, so we went to help him celebrate. The kiddos rode on a hayride to a pumpkin patch, picked a pumpkin and then came back to paint it.
My little artist loved doing this.
Walt is really into our cat these days. He is not as "hands on" with our animals as Lilly was. The only animal he will really get close to and pet is Louise, my mom and dad's dog. He likes talking to Dori, though and likes to sit with her.
NOW, this little girl loves an animal...she is in to turtles these days. Her new favorite color is green because turtles are green and she now has 2 turtles as pets. Meet, Wilson, our new boxer turtle. We have, Nelson, our tiny green turtle, so Lilly is in Heaven.
Lilly's MHS 4k class took their annual field trip to Cedar Hill Farm last week.
My mom and dad look forward to taking her to the pumpkin patch every year, and Lilly loves them taking her.
Caroline, Anna Lauren and Lilly posing at the pumpkin patch.
Sissy came home for Fall Break and we all had a fun night out at the Hollywood Restaurant. The Turnrow Cowboys played and they are all our very favorite. Lilly was in love with the stage and "Miss" Patti and she finally talked her into letting her on stage. She played the tambourine and loved every minute of it.
Houston and Lilly are big buds....He came in later than us, so he and his friends sat at the bar. The quote of the night was when Betsy walked over and said "Lilly said to bring her drink to the bar, she is just gonna sit with Houston."
Walt's hair was getting a little long in the front and Brian has been threatening to cut it. I was afraid that he would take him and get all of those sweet curls cut off, so he and I just went and got a little trim. He did great after I gave him the sucker. :) 
We have so much to be thankful for during this season of fall....time is flying by and I have to stop and tell myself, to savor the moment...I WILL NOT GET THIS TIME BACK, and I will miss it. Here's to hoping and praying that I can do that everyday! 

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