Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa and Zoo Lights 2013

Visit with Santa 2013....Poor Walt! He did not like him, one bit, but these make the cutest pictures! 

Lilly is telling Santa what she wants...she said, "I want a real microphone and my brother probably wants balls, because he says that word a lot!"

 Aunt LaLa with her 2 faves....
 Sweet Brother and Sister
 Princess Dori---dressed up by none other than Princess Lilly!! What a great kitty cat!
 Hanging out with our friend, Isabelle, at the Senatobia Christmas Parade. Lilly insisted on wearing her Angel Halo and her crown.
 I love watching them sleep in the mornings in my bed!
 Wild Man just never know what you are going to find!
 It was my goal to have this crew all go somewhere together, during Christmas, so we chose Zoo Lights. I liked it and the kids did, too! Lilly is so into it this year and everything is so exciting and wonderful to her.
 My little family that I love so much!!
 Betsy, Lilly, Clayton and Walt on the Carousel.
 These boys are pretty tight!!
 These girls are even them so much!
 Blessed to be their mommy!
 We saw Frosty the Snowman
 I just love these two precious souls! My family is blessed to have them in our life and I am beyond thrilled that Sissy is home for Christmas break!!!
 Lilly and Sissy on the Ferris Wheel....BRRRR it's cold at the top!!!
 Whitty with her girls!!
 WALT man on the train...CHOO CHOO!
 Riding the North Pole Express!!! Walt LOVED it!!

That covers half of our December! I still have one more post before the Christmas day hoopla starts!!! We are oh so thankful that God sent His Son to Earth....because he LOVES us SOOOO MUCH! What a blessing it is to celebrate His birth!!! 

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Shannon Willcutt said...

That Santa picture is priceless! Love you and your sweet family so much! Merry Christmas!! We are sooooo blessed =)