Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Christmas Wedding, Church Play and 4k Christmas Party

A Christmas wedding is always so much fun....especially when you are the flower girl! Our sweet Ann Clark Gannaway married her prince, Warren, and we were honored to be a part! 
Lilly, Ann Clark and Anna Clay...the flower girls with the bride!
Lilly and Anna Clay did great at the Bridesmaids Luncheon. Lilly opened her gift and loved having an ornament for the Christmas tree with Flower Girl...2013 on it!!
After the luncheon we went and got our toes and nails done!
Rehearsal at the Church....
the flower girls with the prince....they love him!
If you don't know it already...when your little girl is in the wedding that means that "mama" is in the wedding, too. Shew...I figured that out about mid-week...Brian and I got a night out because we were invited to the rehearsal dinner...YAY! I loved getting all dressed up and spending it with my favorite guy!
My sister came to town, too, for the big event!!!
The wedding day....precious angels!!
my sweet girl did great and LOVED every minute of it!!
Lilly and the bride...she was in awe of Ann Clark, the bridesmaids, the groom...all of it!! It was so much fun this time around, listening to her comments!!
All of us a the reception, Walt man was at home and Lilly was tired from dancing, but we all had a blast!
Lilly with her daddy, at "the party"
Two of the best Aunts EVER...we are so blessed to have Aunt LaLa, and Anna Clay to have CC (Callie) 
There were lots of funny comments over the weekend, and I have written them down in her quote book, but the most memorable has to be.....
Lilly: Mama, why are all the princesses getting on those buses? 
Me: They are getting on the bus, so they can take them to the party. That is where we are going 
Lilly: But where are their carriages? 
 WOW..she lives in a fairy doubt! 
Thank you Ann Clark and Warren for making my little girl feel so special and for letting her see how special a wedding is. 
My little guy didn't get to do the wedding festivities with us, but he had fun with Sissy, Sidney, Abbey and Alden all weekend....eating his banana and watching Elmo!!
Our Christmas Play at church was so sweet...Lilly and all of her friends did such a great job. I am so proud of them...for learning so much about the birth of Jesus and why He came to Earth!!
My silly Angel
The Nativity Scene...angels, sheep, shepherds, wise men, Mary and Joseph
Lilly's 4k Christmas Party was festive and fun.....these silly kiddos posed in their Christmas glasses and Santa headbands!
Lilly's sweet friends playing at the party...Page, Adelaide, Lilly, Caroline and Rebecca.

These girls are tooooooo much...Lilly and Caroline!
For unto us is born a in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord...
My sweet babies with their baby Jesus shirts on.!! 
Merry Christmas!! 
May you all know and experience the joy that comes with JESUS being the REASON for the SEASON! 
All our Love, 
Sara Whit

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