Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I am catching up with my November....we started with a birthday party at Kidz Kountry in Southaven for Lilly's sweet friend, Adelaide. It was BRRRRR COLD, but animals were involved, so Lilly was fine with the temperature. 

 That is my child MILKING a COW....What???
 Loving it....sometimes I wonder if she is mine!!!
 We had our first spend the night guest...and it was the none other than our Anna Lauren. They have been wanting to do it since the beginning of time and Brooke and Mark were going out of town, so it was the perfect opportunity! They did great and Walt had a great time, too!
 Going to bed....such big girls. Where has the time gone?
 My contractor husband that builds MILLION dollar homes for people EVERY DAY had a deadline of Thanksgiving to renovate my dining little tiny room....granted, it was  ceiling to floor job, but still!!! Here is Walt helping his Daddy THREE days before the big deadline...UGH!!!
 Almost done...time is ticking!!
 AND....we made it.....he never disappoints, but he sure makes me sweat!!
 Our Thanksgiving table...Lilly made the place cards for everyone. I am still so impressed that when she started 4k she could only write her easy name and now she can write anything you tell her too! Growing up too fast!!
 The 4k Thanksgving Feast was great and so much fun. They had stations and cooked a lot of the food on their own, just like the Indians and Pilgrims. Lilly knows EVERYTHING about the first Thanksgiving, even that the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. Brian was most impressed when she rattled that off one night at the dinner table!!
 Me: Jacob, are you sad or mad? 
Jacob: Yes! 
Me: Why? 
Jacob: no words, pointing to Lilly...
Me: Lilly made you mad? 
Jacob: YES...she drives me crazy!!! has started already!! Lord, HELP ME!!!
 The 3 pilgrims....they are the only ones that wanted to be Pilgrims....the rest of the class chose to be Indians. I can promise you that bonnet had everything to do with Lilly choosing a Pilgrim over an Indian.
 Lilly cooking at the feast
 Sweet them so much!
 Lilly and Caroline....that Caroline cracks me up!!!
 Me with my sweet girl. I love being able to share these days with her!!
 My little Walt man had a great time wearing Daddy's hat and playing with his bullets!!!
 This is my WALT smiling so big because he is so happy to be a bulldog! WE BEAT THE REBELS and are Egg Bowl Champs!!
YAY....November was success and it all caught up!!! Our December has been jam packed and hopefully I can catch it up before Santa gets here!!!! Woooo.....this mama is TIRED!!

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