Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Eve and Day 2013 and Liberty Bowl 2013

Happy Birthday, Jesus! 
Merry Christmas from our Family to yours! 
Sara Whit, Lilly, Walt and Brian 

It has been our Christmas Eve tradition to go to church at Tunica Presbyterian with my mom, dad, brother and sister and then to a Christmas Eve party to celebrate with the Owen side of the family. It's getting harder and harder to make this happen, but we have another one in the books! It was great seeing everyone and it brings back so many memories. Oh, how I remember spending every single Christmas Eve with my cousins! I want mine to remember that, too! 
We love having Aunt My home for the holidays. She and Lilly posing before heading out to the party! 
My cute little Walt man, who didn't get far from the food table. He sat right in that chair and waited for people to feed him!! Of course Boo was there to help with that and give him sprite to drink!! 
My silly little kiddos...getting there jammers on to get ready for Santa to come!! 
They are all ready!! 
He came....and my rock star is ready....that microphone was there! 
Walt liked Lilly's toys as much as his own. 
He loves his tool table....
and his choo choo train!! 
It was our first year to have Christmas at Grandmama's house with Tom and Laura living there. It was perfect and so much fun. Laura did an amazing job. She is such a wonderful "sister". I am so proud of her for embracing that house and making it her own....Lilly Pearl is smiling in Heaven!! 
Uncle Andy and MoMo came to visit us and we were all soooooo excited. We have missed them so much and had a great time visiting.  Some things never change....Walt remembered just how much he loved his Uncle Andy and was tied to his hip the entire visit. 
MoMo and I had a great time doing what we do best....cheering on our Bulldogs!! 
It was great fun watching these three amigos hang out with each other. They keep me laughing and rolling my eyes all at the same time!! I love all three!! 
2 of the best friends a girl could ever have.....blessed to have them in my life and for the rare times we get to hang out like this....without KIDS!!! 
Me and my better half....having fun at the Liberty Bowl!! 
My mom and dad were the lucky ones and they got to have their picture made the with Coach Mullen. I guess that is what happens when you hang out at the Peabody! 
My little girl didn't make this football trip, but her best friend did. So, if I can't have my Lilly with me, Anna Lauren is the next best thing. She had so much fun looking for Bully, doing the Wave, ringing her cowbell and cheering on the DAWGS!!! 
My Walt man didn't make it to the game either, but he dressed for game day!!! My little bulldog can recognize the MSU logo, a cowbell and a bulldog. When he sees them he says, GO DAWGS!! It is so cute and melts my heart! We had a great time cheering our team to victory! 
What a fabulous Christmas break we had! It was full of good company and relaxation. How blessed I am to have a job that allows me to have the time off that I do. The time off was great and I enjoyed being home with my babies, but it was so nice to actually LOOK FORWARD to going back to work. I love my job and so very thankful for it!! 

Happy New Year!
The Atwood Family
Brian, Sara Whitten, Lilly and Walt 

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