Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Snow, Wicked & 5year Olds!

January has been a slow month for us, but we needed it because February has been in full force for 2014. 
We have been feeling the cold temperatures that have been surrounding the area, but we have missed the snow. We FINALLY woke up one Saturday morning to a blanket on the ground! Lilly was beside herself and Walt enjoyed himself immensely. It didn't last long, but it was fun while it was here. 
Our neighbors, the Shidelers, have a target shooting deer and Walt LOVES it. We have to walk over and see it every chance we get, the snow day was no different. 
Lilly loved making snow angels. 
My WALT MAN in his truck, playing in the snow. 
Brother and Sister snuggling together in the morning time....they are sweet to each other most of the time. 
The sisters and the mamas at the Orpheum! Fun night with these gals! 
Daddy and Mama went to the Catfish Convention and sent us a picture of them with Cap'tn and Mrs. Catfish. The kids loved seeing Mamie and Boo with the "fish"! 
The 4k Valentines party was a hit. It was a little wild with all of the handing out of Valentine's to their friends. This is the only pic I got of the girls. Adelaide, Lilly, Caroline, Payton and Anna Lauren are sweet friends. 
I CAN NOT believe that these sweet babies are 5!! Where has the time gone? Joseph, Jackson, Anna Lauren and Lilly all have birthdays days apart, so us mamas decided to have a joint birthday party! They had a wonderful Ole Miss/MSU football/cheerleader party. 
Table decor....supporting both schools. 
A Birthday Break-thru!!! 
A place for all of their presents....in the box where their name and poster are! 
Lilly and Anna Lauren gave cowbells for favors! 
Jackson and Joseph gave footballs and Ole Miss pon-poms! 
Each had a cupcake birthday cake to blow their candles out! 
The big cake!!! Thanks to Mrs. Sarah, it was DIVINE! 
We played the fight song for both schools and then the kids ran through the sign to the Chief/Warrior chant. We got all schools in at this party! 
These sweet twins are probably the BEST around. They were so very sweet to help me with so many parts of decorating, painting signs and face painting at the party. Lilly and the others love them and we are so blessed to have them in our life. Abbey and Alden are FABULOUS! 
The kids loved tearing the paper and jamming out to the football songs!! 
Singing Happy Birthday....
Sweet girls....I love these two baby girls so much! I can't imagine life without them in it. I pray each night that they will always be friends that build each other up and take care of one another. 
My little linebacker LOVED the party, too!!! 
Thanks, McKinley, for coming to the party! Lilly and Walt love you very much! 
Clayton and Sissy were there and we were so happy to see them, especially, Walt! I didn't think he ever would, but he has stolen the hearts of these two and he loves them just the same!! 
My FAMILY --- getting this picture taken was pretty hard to do, but we did it! How thankful I am for this crew. God has blessed me so much more than I ever deserve. 
In this house, it seems we have birthday celebrations that last all month. Lilly will be celebrating again this weekend. Grammy is coming to town and some other family members to watch this sweet, high maintenance little girl turn 5!!! Her "real" birthday is February 25!! 

Love to all of my faithful readers! 
Sara Whit

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