Friday, March 7, 2014

Officially 5 and other fun adventures!

Well, we OFFICIALLY have a FIVE year old in our house!!! This picture was taken on her actual birthday. Aunt LaLa and Uncle Tom and Honey came to celebrate with us at El Charro!! 
This blog post is a bit jumbled up with the photos...not sure what happens sometimes, but anyway, we basically just celebrated Lilly Whit the entire month of!! 

 Walt, Aunt LaLa and Lilly enjoying some whipped topping at El Charro!! 
 Chef Lilly...our friend Aubrey Claire Norris turned 11 and she had a cooking birthday party. Lilly was excited to be a part of a "big girl" birthday party! It was the cutest idea and party! 
 Walt man has not been a Chef, but he likes just about anything a chef cooks!!! 
 It was Princess and Pirate Day at school....they had a princess, pirate, pizza, party to celebrate the letter P. This day was MADE for Lilly. She LOVED it....she woke up with a smile on her face and said immediately, "it's princess day, mom, and princesses wear know what that means!!" So, we wore make-up to school and dressed like Belle!! 
 Belle needed a bit more lipstick....
 We had a family birthday celebration one Saturday night in February. The grandparents were not able to make it the football/cheerleader party, so we celebrated with them on a different night! 
 Mamie and Lilly....they do LOVE each other!!
 Walt and Boo....they do LOVE each other!! 
 Lilly's Birthday Morning....we put a candle in her biscuit!! 
 Lilly had a another great treat over her birthday weekend! Her Grammy came all the way from Maryland to visit. Lilly loved having Grammy there, as we all did, but Lilly felt like she was her own personal playmate!! 
 Grammy with her grandbabies!!! 
 Sweet picture of the three of them! 
Lilly was a little shocked and also turned painfully shy at the singing, hat and dancing!! 
 We had a just a taste of that terrible ice storm that moved in...we were out of school on Monday. It has pretty much become a tradition that on snow/ice days the Howell's and the Atwood's hang out all day!! These kiddos love each other like brothers and sisters, if you know what I mean!!! 
 I just couldn't help but stop and take a picture of this....Lilly's babies all bedded down. She made her closet floor a room for her babies and princesses! I will miss this so much one day. I love walking in her room to see what she has done when she has been playing by herself. 
How blessed we are....5 precious years with sweet, silly little girl. I never knew I could love so much. God's grace is indescribable!! I don't deserve these gifts!! 
We are out for a much needed SPRING BREAK.

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