Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MHS Beauty Review, Spring Break 2014 and a Rodeo

I am going to have to play a little catch up...
We attended the MHS Beauty Review and Lilly loved seeing all of the pretty girls in their pretty dresses. 
Caroline, Alden, Abbey and Lilly all together. Abbey made it in the to 10...and when they announced the 5 winners, the guys voted handsome would come out and escort them to their place. Well, after I told Lilly it was over, she looked and me and said, "why didn't Abbey get a husband?" It was priceless! I loved it! 
She LOVED Ari's dress....she would just walk up and "pet her". 
Lilly said that Avery looked like Cinderella and she had her to twirl for us, because her dress could really twirl, Lilly said! 
I was able to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon with some good friends as we participated in the "Kick-it to Pancreatic Cancer's 5k". It was such a great day to show our support to Jill as we help her take on this battle with her mom to BEAT the pancreatic cancer. You can join me in praying for a miracle to heal Mrs. Suzanne Anthony...our God is in the business!! 
This is how we roll on snow days....the Howell's come over and we just party all day long!!! I love these 4 kiddos and can't imagine doing life without them! 
Spring Break week...we made the most of it. We took one day and went to Tunica...we did the Aquatics Center and played at Mamie and Boo's house and Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa's house. Jake and Walt LOVE them some Boo!! I thought this picture was just too sweet! 
A day in Tunica can wear some kiddos out!! 
Mr. Horace and Walt man are big buddies...He loves riding the golf cart with him and going to look at the cows. He always points to them and says, "mama, 'oook, 'oook, moooo, mooo" 
We miss our Schoggin family so much, so we hopped in the car and went to Tupelo. We had a great time being together again, and can always pick up right where we left off. 
Lilly loved watching, playing with and feeding the ducks at the park!
A highlight in Tupelo is the Carousel. My kids LOVE it...Walt especially and when we first got there they were on a break and we had a complete melt down...we also had another when we had to get off of it for the final time! Lilly and Anderson and Walt man! 

The Buffalo Park in Tupelo is GREAT...I highly recommend it! My little animal lover was in complete heaven. They have giraffes and buffalo and zebras and all other kinds of animals that you can see up close 
She loved being able to pet and feed them. 
Walt loves his Uncle Andy and his Uncle Andy loves him! Walt does not like all of the animals as much as Lilly does. He is just now warming up to our cat and two dogs, so he wasn't the biggest fan of the park, but it was outside, so that made up for it!! 

My little ones trying to pose!! 
Northwest Community College hosted the college finals Rodeo and my crew went as spectators. We haven't ever been so it was a neat experience. It brought back fond memories of when my dad and Chuck would take all 6 of us by themselves. We all had the best time. Walt, was once again, scared of the bucking horses and bulls and Lilly loved it. 
Walt man loves his older buddy, Colt. Even though Walt was not the biggest fan of the live event, Brian took a video of a cowboy riding a bull and he watches it over and over again, saying "bull, bull, bull" 
Lilly had a great time with Denni Grace and Cooper at the rodeo. 
April Showers bring May flowers....we are having some of those, lately, and obviously Lilly thinks it is the perfect time to wear her swimming suit and rain coat...the perfect combination. 
My little guy is perfectly fine to just wear his rain coat. 
We stay busy, but are blessed and happy. 

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