Monday, May 19, 2014

Walt is TWO!!

This little guy turned TWO years old on April 11. He had so many family members in town to help him celebrate! They all took him to the zoo on his actual day and then we had a birthday party on Saturday, with friends and more family. I can't believe 2 years has already come and gone! it seems like just yesterday that I was holding this little man in the hospital. He is still just as much a mama's boy as he was then. He loves me and although I can't get anything done, because he wants my undivided attention, I do love it and cherish the fact that he loves his mama so much. I am fully aware that this will not last. 

PopPop and Walt are big buddies! 
PopPop, Walt and Grandma Shirley at the zoo! 
This is just a few of the gang, notice Great Grandpa in the back. He was here for the week and we were so blessed with his presence! 
Cousin Riley pushing Walt in the stroller.
My sweet 2 year old looking at the elephants. 
Hanging out with Aunt Shelly, visiting the elephants. 
Walt man does LOVE his Aunt KK...he rarely goes to anyone, but when she was around he always wants her. It's so sweet and I am so glad that they have this special bond. Aunt KK has a special way with little boys. Walt must know that she is a boy mama! :) 
Walt's construction themed birthday cake. How wonderful is this cake? It tastes even better than it looks, if you can believe that! 
We are ready....enter our construction zone. 

The Pinata was too much fun for the kids. We had to have a little help from Coach Carter, but it did finally open and the kids loved getting the candy. 
Walt man loves a bat! 
Jake Jake getting his turn at whacking it! 
My sweet boy, having another go at it. 
YAY!! Candy and toys for everyone! 
Mama and Walt
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Walt...Happy Birthday to you! 
Walt wanted to grab the candles out of the cake, so we had to hold him back. His two friends that are actually his same age are John Brantley and Micah. They got front row seating since all of the other kids that were there, were pretty much Lilly's friends! 

This is the first time that he actually enjoyed and was really into opening the presents. He would gasp really big with everyone he opened and loved them all so much. It was so cute to watch and listen to his reactions. 

Construction Cupcakes 
We cooked crawfish at Walt's party and Lilly and Cooper loved it....
as well as many of the adults! :) 
My Baby Walt.....
has turned into my little Walt Man! 
Oh how I love him!! I pray that he will never doubt my love, his Daddy's love and the love of his Heavenly Father. It is my prayer every day that Brian and I can bring honor to Jesus Christ as we raise him!! 

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