Monday, June 2, 2014

Palm Sunday and Easter Weekend 2014

Palm Sunday at Senatobia FUMC is always such a great day. I love it because through the eyes of our children we can see just how excited the crowd was the day our Lord and Savior road in on a donkey. They process in the church waving their palm branches and place them on the alter. It is always such a sweet time. My two blessings did great! 
Lilly led the way with her branches

Walt was fine with Hastings 
This picture is super sweet to me. 
Aunt Jamie left Brian with her camera at the second service so our Silly Lilly was making funny faces at her daddy before they processed out. 
Sweet boys
Easter week was full of fun...with school, church and family. I was able to be with Lilly at her school Easter egg hunt. It was at her friend Ty's house. I love being able to spend this one on one time with her.
Taking a hit at the Easter Bunny Pinata 
Lilly, Adelaide and Caroline looking at their loot! 
All of the little 4kers saying the prayer before they eat. It is so sweet to see children praying! 
Lilly with the Easter Bunny...AKA Laken Suddoth! 
Lilly with her buddy, Ty! 

The cutest and sweetest bunch of MHS 4k kids I know! 
The Easter egg hunt at the church was a success. Even though Walt was really not that, at all, interested in hunting any type of Easter eggs. He sure did look cute, though!! :) 
Lilly had a great time and told me multiple times that she was "the fastest". 
Lilly hunting those eggs....look at her basket!! 
On Glorious Easter day, we worshiped our risen Lord and then headed to Tunica for a great lunch with family. We stayed at Uncle Tom and Lala's for the day and just did country things. The kids had a blast! 
Lilly and LaLa helping to plant the garden. And, "what? you don't plant a garden in a ballerina dress?" 
Walt man checking out his Easter basket goodies
planting a garden
chillin' out on the polaris 
What a great Holy Week the Atwood Family had. 
Living He loved me, 
Dying He saved me, 
Buried He carried my sins far away....
One Day He's coming OH GLORIOUS DAY!! 

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