Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Crawfish Alley, Ice Skating and Spring Fun!

As you can tell, April has been a crazy busy month with so many fun things....Walt's birthday, Easter, Crawfish Alley and all the other things that come with the weather getting so much prettier. 
We attended Crawfish Alley on Friday night and Saturday and had a blast. I love going every year to see some old friends, eat mudbugs to support my wonderful Alma Mater and welcome Spring. 
Lilly loves it, too and has become quite the crawfish fan. I thought the first time that she rubbed her eyes after eating one was going to be the of it, but she washed them out and went right back at it! :) She and Uncle Tom have to get their annual Crawfish picture. They have been doing it since she was just 2 months old. 
Friday night without the kiddos....partying with my brotha and my sista! 
I love my little brother and am so proud of the work horse that he is!! 
Saturday at Crawfish Alley in the park with all the kids games and rides. Lilly does love a bungee jump! 
Haley Webb was working this bungee jump, so Lilly got some special treatment, by going VERY VERY high in the air. 
We were so excited that our friends, Taryn and Taylor came to play with us in Tunica!! We sure love them. 
My Walt man was not feeling good the day of Crawfish Alley, so Mamie and Boo were taking care of him at their house, just 2 blocks away. He ended up just having a little virus that ran it's course, and after a couple of days he was back to his old self. Here is my little man with his hat on, his John Deere lunch box packed with his cars, ready to go!! 
This Spring, Lilly was invited to do ice skating lessons with her friend, Denni Grace. This was such a wonderful opportunity and we are so thankful to Denni Grace and Miss Kelly for allowing us to do this with them. Lilly loved it and by the end of the 8 weeks she could skate really well!! :) 
Lilly and Denni Grace, skating princesses! 
I just thought this picture of her with her class was so cute. 
Aunt My was able to attend one week of ice skating with us and Lilly had her out on that ice after her lesson. Aunt My was a pro...of course....I don't know why I doubted her skills. She didn't hold the wall at all and was all in the middle of the rink. Me, on the other hand....I hugged that wall!! 
We have loved being able to go to the church playground in the afternoons to play. The weather has been beautiful and Walt LOVES it! 
Senatobia had it's first ever 5 Star City Festival this year and it was a big success. Lilly, Walt and Micah loved the train ride!! 
Slip n Slide at Jake and Taylor's house! 
Nothing cuter than seeing this little 2 year old running in the water in his smocked Sunday jonjon!!! He had so much fun, and LOVES playing with the big boys. 
We are easing into summer at our house and we like it!! 

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