Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4K Graduation and End of Year Party

Lilly's 4k program was all about nursery rhymes. Each child represented a different nursery rhyme and dressed and recited the part. Lilly was Mary Had a Little Lamb. She NAILED it. 
Anna Lauren was Little Bo Peep!! Sweet Friends! 
I could not have made it on this day without the help of our sweet Sidney! She was my lifesaver and took her over to mini mag to get her all ready for show time, so I could get a good seat! 
We LOVE our McKinley! 
It's show time! Lilly, Jacob and Eliza all walked in together holding hands. Pure SWEETNESS! 
All the 4kers on the stage!! 
Lilly had a little trouble with her bonnet towards the end of the show. At least the program was over and Mrs. Allyson was handing out "diplomas"! 
Lilly receiving her Art Award from "Ally" 
Lilly with her WONDERFUL and FABULOUS teacher, Mrs. Beverly! How blessed we were to have someone who loved Lilly unconditionally. She was a God send and we are going to miss her next year.
WHOA!!! Lilly won 1st place in local, district and STATE!!! 

Lilly LOVES our Headmaster, Dr. Lishman! I am so thankful that she feels so comfortable around him. She will run up and give him a hug each time she sees him. I am also grateful that he is accepting to the hugs from little 5 year old girls, when he has so many other things that he could be doing. We are blessed with the leadership at MHS! 
Lilly's Art Awards! 
Jake, Humpty Dumpty Emerson, What are Little Girls Made of Lilly - Mary Had a Little Lamb 
Anna Lauren - Little Bo Peep
Sweet Friends...Lilly and Emerson (younts) :) 
Mamie and Boo came for the big production! 
How blessed we are to have an Aunt and Uncle that will take time out of their busy day to come watch Lilly's performances! 
Proud Mama and Daddy! 
I sure do love this little boy. I am so thankful to be his God mother! 
I love this sweet face! It is just growing up WAY too fast! 
End of the Year Party! 
We were SOOOO excited that daddy was able to make it to a party at school!!
I can't believe that this year has come and gone. It passed so quickly. Lilly learned so much and we were so blessed by her teachers and caregivers. Some things you just can't put a price tag on. To God be the GLORY for the great things he has done! 

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