Monday, August 25, 2014

Orange Beach Vacation Crabtree and Atwood 2014

Orange Beach Trip 2014
We loaded up the Tahoe and struck out to Orange Beach, Alabama for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS, as Lilly said! We met our friends, the Crabree's at the condo and we spent a wonderful week with them. 
This is a picture of Walt when we finally got on the road good and I introduced him to DVD in the car for the first time - GREAT INVESTMENT!  
We didn't even go up to check out our condo before we hit the sand. Lilly could NOT get out there fast enough, and Walt was just excited because she was so excited. He didn't even know what he going to see, but if Lilly is excited, he is too! 
THE BEACH!! We made was a LONG 10 hour day that was only supposed to take 7! Never travel to the beach on a Saturday. My little ones were so excited they were soaking wet by the time we started to head to the room. 
It was such a long day that we just grabbed dinner at a fast food seafood joint, that was not good! Colt and Walt were best buds all week long!! Walt LOVES "TOLT"! 
Daddy and Walt headed to the ocean
He loved his surfboard! He would just carry it around and then go stand on it. He wasn't in to using it in the water, like his sister and Colt! 
Sweet girls using their surf boards...Lilly and Denni Grace had such a good time. 
Daddy with his babies in the ocean. 
All of the kiddos in the ocean 
Lilly and Denni Grace took turns riding the waves 
Walt took GREAT naps on the beach....sweet beach baby
Walt with Daddy in the ocean 
Miss Kelly was such a great sand castle builder. 
We took a visit to Alligator Alley and it was a wonderful experience. The kids LOVED it. The picture below is of 4 year old alligators. 
Of course my little animal lover loved the alligators and holding one was not a big deal. This little alligator is two years old. 
Beginning to touch the alligator 
Pickles is the biggest alligator that is allowed to be held at the farm and it weighs about 20 pounds. Pickles is 4 years old and Lilly was not scared to hold her, AT ALL!! 
We had a visit to the small reptile farm that was connected to the alligator farm. They had turtles, iguanas, and SNAKES....and Lilly was fine to touch the snake. 
Now....WALT man on the other hand did not want to get near the alligators. He does not like animals as much as Lilly does...he only likes to look from afar. :) 
Happy as he can be....looking at them all caged in! :) 
Sweet Sweet Girls...walking at the Alligator farm together. 
Lazy time in the condo...Lilly loves Colt and told me several times that he was her big brother, too! 
Eating some lunch at the beach 

Colt and Walt enjoying some yummy lunch. 
Sweet beach baby!

Making snow angels in all the bubble soap at The Hangout!
Walt driving the race car at the Arcade
Lilly and her daddy in the Go Kart...they had so much fun. Walt was too little to ride so I sat with him on the side line as he cried and cried for Daddy and Sissy. 
Walt learning early to shoot those guns. 
Lilly loved chasing the sea gulls....

My "selfie queen".... Maggie was an AWESOME babysitter and we had so much fun with her. She was a real trooper. We love her so very much.
Walking with my greatest blessings....
The Hangout was a great place to spend a late afternoon and evening 

you know....just a little dancing on the can do that on vacation when you are 5 and they tell you that you are allowed. :) 
I have come to the realization that those perfectly posed beach pictures that everyone takes and posts all over social media are a fake....there is NO WAY that can happen. Kudos to those of you that have gotten those perfect photos, because it is not happening with my crew. 
This one is the only decent family one....Brian wasn't looking, Walt was screaming and Lilly decided she needed a was sweet! 

Sure you can go just in the pool in your smocked beach outfits....I didn't care what they did at that point. 

It was a GLORIOUS time and a vacation to remember!! We are so thankful to the Kelly, Colt, Denni Grace and Maggie for sharing it with us. Lilly talks about going back at least once a day. It's just something about the beach that really helps you to connect with God and the beautiful world He created. 
We are ready to start school....Kindergarten and 2k hear we come!!! 

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