Thursday, September 4, 2014

School Days 5k and 2k

 First of all, I can't believe that the summer is over and it's time for school to begin! It flew by, and now I have a little girl in Kindergarten and one that is going to pre-school 2 days a week. 
We had meet the teacher for my Walt man on Sunday after church and he loved checking out all of the new toys. We have been at it now for about 3 weeks and he is so proud of all his work that he brings home. 
 He talked about his "pack pack" the night before his first day all night! He was so proud to be able to carry it to school. He loves to be just like his sister and wants to do everything that she does. 
 My babies are growing up. 
 Walt man and daddy heading into FBC pre-school. 
 He loves that nap mat, too and wanted to carry it in ALL by himself....
 he didn't care if it was a little heavy. :) 
 He and his buddy John Brantley share a cubby
 Sweet picture of Walt's first day. I sure love him and the rowdy little boy that he is. 
Meet the teacher at MHS is always an anticipated night. We were all so excited to see who was going to be Lilly's teacher and who was in her class. We ran into our sweet friend, Caroline and they wanted a picture. Isn't Lilly's dress precious? Sidney MADE it!!   

1st day of 5k 
 It was Lilly's first day of 5k, but it was also our good friend Officer Dave Luna's last day at the NWCC police department. I was so blessed to work with such a great guy for my first year at NWCC. Lilly loved him as much as I did. He is now fighting crime at the University Police Department at Ole Miss....and there is LOTS there!! HAHA!!! 
 The first day of 5k was full of changes...for the first time in 5 years, these girls are in different classes. They have been spending the day together Monday - Friday since they were 6 months old. This year, they have different Kindergarten teachers. Lilly cried the night of meet the teacher and Anna Lauren cried on the first day of school. It's hard to see these girls growing up and experiencing heart break....and to think that this is just the beginning and SOOOO MINOR!!! I love them both with my whole heart!! 
 YAY! We are so blessed to have Miss Allison as our teacher this year. What a dear soul she is and I know that she will treat Lilly like her very own and love her unconditionally!! 
 Although there are many changes to deal with in 5k, some things remain the same....Jake is still in Lilly's class. I can always count on Jake Jake to let me know how things are holding up. :) 
Along with school starting, we have welcomed a new baby into our world. Sweet Baby Dean Lucka was born August 12, 2014 to my sweet friends Paige and Erik Lucka and big sister, Emma Kate. Lilly loved holding him, but still says "NO BABY" in her house. 
 Lilly and Denni Grace had fun shucking corn on the farm. 
My child loves to POSE....she gets all into putting on whatever she wants and then asking me to take pictures of her silly, sweet and pretty self!! LOVE HER!! 
Here is to another wonderful school year full of learning, making memories and good health!!! 

Love to ALL! 
The Atwood Family 

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