Friday, August 15, 2014

Spring Visit from Family!

I am still playing catch up, but wanted to give a separate post to our visit in April from ALL of the family that lives far away. Brian's Dad, step-mom, Mom, 3 sisters, nephew, and Grandpa all came in April to help us celebrate Walt's 2 year old birthday. They stayed a week and were able to spend lots of quality time with the kids. 
PopPoP and Grandpa with their grandkids

 Brian's 3 sisters....Kristy, Jamie and Shelly
 Riley and Uncle Brian 
 Riley and Gunner....Riley LOVES Gunner! 
 Walt LOVES his Aunt was no secret that she was his favorite on that visit! 
 Whitty and Kristy
 Lilly and Aunt Jamie enjoying some lunch after 4k
 Fun times on the trampoline
 Grammy with her grand the park
 Grandpa and Walt
 Grandpa and Lilly....they have very special relationship. She loves him so much. 
 Aunt Jamie Riley and Walt eating some lunch at BYB. 
 Lilly, Grandp, Riley and Aunt KK 
 All of Grammy's kids and grandkids together.
 Cousins on the trampoline
 Playing a little rough...Walt LOVES to get crazy on the trampoline. 
 Getting crazy on the trampoline with Grammy 
 Atacking Grammy 
 Grammy with Riley and Lilly 
 Bathtub fun with the cousins
 Sisters on the playground 
 Brian with his 3 sisters
 The 4 Generations....Grandpa, PopPop, Brian and Walt
It was a great visit with some very special people. We are so thankful that they were able to come and spend some quality time with us. 

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