Thursday, October 23, 2014

September 2014 -Football, Fashion Show and Fair

We are in full school swing at our house. Lilly had just a little bit of trouble getting adjusted to the more rigorous lifestyle of kindergarten. She has been wanting a bike for she and her daddy struck a deal. I admit, I thought it was unattainable, but after working very hard for 2 solid weeks, she reached her goal. She and her daddy took off to Wal-Mart and she got her bike. She is one happy little girl. She loves it!!! She is doing so much better in school and I am so proud of her.

 Lilly participated in the Baddour Fashion Show for the second time and she had a blast. That girl loves dressing up, curling that hair and putting on a little make-up! She did great....waved and smiled all the way down the runway. 
 We loved having Sam there to help us get dressed! 
 LuLu, Lilly's "fairy" godmother was also at the fashion show modeling! Lilly loved getting to watch her model down the runway. 
 Lilly with her other model friends, Ella Grace and Sidney. 
 FOOTBALL SEASON is here!! My most favorite time of year....We love hanging out with our best friends. Brian and Andy having fun at the tent. 
 Me and my bestie Monica....watching MSU games are not the same when she is not there with me to cheer them on. 
 My loves with me at the game. This was Walt's first time in the stadium and he loved it. He did get a little cranky and kept asking for his "mine" (that is what he calls his pacifier) and I didn't bring it with me. It was BLAZING hot and the bulldogs were winning, so Walt and I left. We walked to the tent got his "mine" and then that boy was ready to head back into the stadium to watch "football". He pitched the biggest fit when I told him that we couldn't go back in there. 
 We LOVE seeing our Sissy at the MSU games.
 and seeing our sweet Sidney!! 
 What would we do without Clayton...he is such a good babysitter. The way he watches my kids, it's a wonder that I don't lose them on a daily basis. :) Walt loved lounging with him and then when he got his second wind, Clayton was back to chasing him!! 
 We had a blast with Emily...she went with us to the first game and we loved showing her all the wonderful things about MSU....she is now a TRUE DAWG!!! 
 MHS has their football season going in full swing and we have enjoyed cheering on the chiefs. Lilly, Caroline and Denni Grace are some of the Chiefs biggest fans. 
 Alden loves her Walt and Walt LOVES his Alden
 He was pumped that Alden got to hold him where all the football players were. 
 We surprised Lilly and Walt and took them to the MidSouth Fair. Lilly was SUPER excited when we pulled in. 
 Walt and Daddy on the "fast ride" 
 Walt fishing at the fair. 
 The family supporting our MSU DAWGS at the Texas A&M game. We were so proud of our bulldogs. So far it has been an unbelievable season. 
 My Little Bulldogs!!! 
 Lilly didn't last too long in the stadium. Thank goodness for her sweet friend Kate Ross. She let her hang with her at the tent. Walt, on the other hand, wanted to stay until the BITTER end and didn't want to leave then. He loves the stadium and Bully and the players. 
Me: Walt, what do we say about our bulldogs? 
Walt: DEFENSE DEFENSE (I think he heard me saying that over and over in the stands) 
Me: Who throws that ball hard? 
Walt: DAK 
So much fun!! 

Happy Fall Ya'll 
Sara Whitten, Brian, Lilly and Walt

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