Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween and #1Team in the Country

Happy Halloween!! Lilly had her Halloween party at school. They played the mummy game, where they wrap a friend in toilet paper. Lilly, Emerson and Camilla had a great time. 

 Lilly with Emerson and 
 Lilly with Camilla.
 Sister really got into the vampire teeth and all things Halloween this year. 
 My little Superman and Supergirl! 
 We did Trunk or Treat at the church and Lilly was Glenda the Good Witch that night and then she has a wardrobe change Halloween night. 
 She loved seeing her sweet friend, Aubrey who was Elsa! 
 Walt man kept saying "I flyin, I flyin!" 
 He did so good...Trick or Treat, Peeaasse! :) 
 The Bulldogs played Arkansas as the #1 team in the country. It was such a great night. The campus was packed and it was a GREAT atmosphere. My college roommate, best friend, and PhiMu sister flew in from Virginia to the game with her husband and two sweet boys. I was in heaven for the very short time we were able to hang out. 
 We welcomed Jana, Chris and Emily Powell to MSU campus! I think that we showed them a very good time!! 
 Look who we ran into before the game at the hotel...that's right it's J. Rob, #13...Bowling Ball, whatever you choose to call him. He is awesome and was so nice to us. He wouldn't pose for the camera because he said it would mess us his "routine". 
 The four of us together again. It was such a sweet time!! Monica, Paige, Whitty and Carrie Grace! Bulldogs and sisters forever!!! 
 Watching our #1 DAWGS with these two sweet friends has been so much fun this year. 
 I love my Betsy Battle!!!! Being able to hang out with her at every game make Bulldog wins and Game Days even sweeter. Every morning when we are getting ready to head to Starkville, Brian is yelling through the house, "It's game day....that means we get to see Sissy and the Bulldogs!" I love that my children get to hear that every Saturday of football season. 

 Brian and I got to enjoy the Arkansas game without children. We missed them, but it was nice to be able to enjoy my friends and not chase the little ones. 
Well, this ride with the my #1 Bulldogs would not be near as much fun or special without enjoying every minute with my Daddy. He is the one that first introduced me to this wonderful university and has shown me that we are Bulldogs, WIN or LOSE (and we have lost more than we have won). I started going to ballgames with him when I was just a little girl, and we would open up the back door to the station wagon and eat out of a bucket that was full of chicken. I love seeing him so happy. So, here's to a DREAM season!! HA1L STATE!! 
It's a Roadrunner Reunion!! YAY for the student recruiters of Mississippi State University. What an AMAZING experience I had with the Roadrunners at MSU. This man, Dr. Jimmy Abraham taught me about loyalty, passion and hard work. He epitomizes those qualities, and I have been blessed beyond measure to be one of "Jimmy's Kids". Thank you Dr. Abraham for your LOVE and DEDICATION to our great university and your "kids". You will never know the students you have made a positive impact on!! I am one of them, and a better person after being under your leadership.  
This little nugget came to see me and his Bulldogs play all the way from Virginia. He became my instant friend when I started handing him dog bone cookies!! I so wish that he lived closer so that he and Walt man could be friends. I guess throwing them together in a dorm their Freshman year will have to do!! HA!!! 
Me and my sweet this girl so much. I am so proud of her and all that she represents. 

Thanks to all my faithful readers that like reading about our journey in this life. It is by God's Grace, ALONE that we have come this far. I pray that He will keep His protective hand over us all and guide us down His path. 

Love to All, 
The Atwood Family 

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