Sunday, November 30, 2014

MSU Football and Thanksgiving Feasts

Our fall has consisted of football and more football. It has been so much fun. The kids and I even braved it on our own one weekend. Brian went to deer camp and we headed to Starkville for the weekend. We met our Sissy and the kids were SUPER excited to see her!! 

 We spend the night with Honey and D and got to campus early. It was a gorgeous day. Campus was busy but not anything like the past few games had been, because we were playing UT Martin. 
 Walt and Lilly loved being able to enjoy the bounce houses without crazy long lines!! 

 We saw our favorite cheerleader, Delaney! 
 We saw fun friends, Jack and Price, and they played in the amphitheater. 
 My sweet little bulldogs enjoying the day. 
 Heading into the stadium with these two. Walt LOVES being inside the game. Lilly, only likes the pre-game and then she is ready to "go back to the tent". I was super proud of her this time because she stayed the entire time. 
 Cheering on the Bulldogs! 

 Having fun friends to sit with us helped tremendously with Lilly staying inside the stadium. 
 One of my favorite things about football season is spending time with this one of a kind friend. She is the best, and I love her so much. Some Saturdays we have so much time to visit and catch up and some we barely catch a glimpse of one another, but it does my heart good to share this with her and her family. The older I get the more I miss my childhood/high school friends. 
 YES! My children fall asleep to cowbells ringing. 
 The bulldogs won by large margin....we remain #1 until next week and we play ALABAMA! It will be a TOUGH battle. 
After the game we INVADED the KD house to see our Sidney! Walt's favorite part was the bunk beds! :)  
 YAY!!! GO BEN!! We saw Ben at the Lodge as we were leaving town. He was so sweet. Walt would not let him hold him, but he gave him several high fives!! 
 Emma Kate turned 4 and she had the best princess party EVER! Lilly has been so excited about this party. She loved the invitation and even sent a reply to her in the mail. This etiquette loving mama was SUPER proud. I love these sweet girls. I don't know what I would do without Aubrey Claire, she is such a helper!! 
 It's Thanksgiving Feast time in 5k at MHS! These 2 little indians had a big time. Lilly and Aubree have had such a fun time with each other this year. 
 Lilly and Maddux making their Thanksgiving bracelets. 
 Jack, Lilly and Aubree eating at the FEAST.
 Walt is most definitely a little Turkey...this guy is something else. 
We are headed to the last football game of the season!!! It has been such a fun fall watching these MSU bulldogs. 
We love our  McKinley. The games at MSU would not be the same if she wasn't there.

Walt says to Delaney, "I want to go with you because you go on the field!" He has it figured out!! 
Jack and Lilly waiting patiently on the Bulldogs to get off the bus for the Dawg walk. 
Walt and Daddy waiting on the Dawg Walk
They found a great seat!!! 
Walt loved ringing Aunt Libby's cowbell for the players!! 
My little man LOVES being in the stadium. 
We have had a blast. Winning has been fun. We won every game we played at home, but like I have told everyone this season....the Atwood family would have been there regardless. We are loyal fans and we LOVE our bulldogs! 

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