Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Time 2014

December has proven to be busy, as every other month of our lives is! Lilly celebrated her friend, Camden's, birthday with cupcake decorating. Camden, Camilla and Lilly are sweet friends that love each other. 
Lilly and Emerson decorating their cupcakes together. 
We decorated our yard for Christmas and Rudolph has been a hit with Lilly and Walt. Walt does not like to be close to him, but does NOT like it when he is not blown up. The first thing that he does when he wakes up is look at the window and say "blow him up, MAMA, PLEASE!!" It's a little annoying, because he will not take "it's day time and Rudolph sleeps during the day," for an answer. 
WE took a trip to Cedar Hill Farm to cut down our Christmas tree and and we saw Santa. The picture below is exactly how I thought things would go. 
Lilly telling Santa she wants a BIRD IN A CAGE for Christmas. What????? That child of mine....NEVER in her five years of Christmases has she asked for anything "normal". 
Taking a trailer ride to pick out our tree. 
My two blessings....thankful that these two little loves are so healthy and happy. I know how blessed I am. 
The playground at Cedar Hill farm is the best, according to Lilly, and Walt liked it, too! 
Lilly Whitten posing for me while she did the tire obstacle course. 
Lilly LOVES that big slide....she says "woohoo" all the way down. 
It took a little while, but she finally got Walt man on the slide and he loved it, like we told him he would. He is such a little "scaredy cat" :) 
We had our pre-school Christmas play at church and Lilly was Mary. She LOVED being Mary and took her part very seriously. 
Lilly as Mary and Jackson as Joseph, sweet friends. We are so blessed by our church family.
Lilly and Caroline at the program. Caroline was the lead Angel. 
Jackson, Lilly and Caroline in front of the Bethlehem scene. 
My Walt man, with his sweet friend, Taylor. 
I was feeling calm and a little adventurous so we made Christmas cookies one Friday night. Walt loved it as much as Lilly! He definitely had his favorite cookie cutter and it was the stocking. 
Lilly was a pro at mixing the icing and decorating her cookies with icing and sprinkles. 
We love it when Nana and Horace pop in for their visits. This Friday night they hit the jack pot and got to join in on the Christmas fun. Lilly even asked them to stay and watch Christmas movies with us. She loves Christmas and company as much as I do. 
Walt's buddy, Mr. Horace, helping him decorate. 
We had a great time at Kelly's house sitting by the fire, roasting marshmallows and letting the kids play. Walt, Will and Emerson loved riding the jeep, and being in charge. :) 
Another Christmas program at church, but this time we were just in the audience. These three girls were stars and it was so much fun watching them perform. Hayden, Denni Grace and Piper did great and Lilly and I were super proud of them. 
This was the week of Christmas party fun....Walt had his party and Santa came. He was not ABOUT to even get near Santa....cried and held on to my leg, saying "I go home, I not like Santa Caus!" We are thankful for Miss India, who he LOVES....she got him to at least give Santa a little love. He loved Walt's reindeer on his outfit and told Walt all about it.  
We got a little smile out of him...that little guy is something else!!! You NEVER know with him. 
I can't believe Lilly's last Christmas party at Mini Magnolia was today. The time has flown! She had a such a great time. She and Jake took their annual Christmas photo together. I sure do love these two! 
The kiddos opening up their presents from each other.  
 Wow, say Jake!! A t-shirt that we can wear every Friday!! Mama is happy about that present, too! 
 I loved having this time with my girl. I am so thankful for a job that allows me to attend her parties and be there for her when I need to be. I love watching her interact with her friends and teachers. Her sweet heart makes me happy. She loves giving to others. When I asked her what her favorite part about today was, she said "giving the presents to my teachers, but I wish we had enough money to give everyone there a present, because I love everyone so much." 
So, from the Atwood Family....MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

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