Thursday, January 8, 2015

Merry Christmas 2014

What a blessed Christmas season we have had. I love the spirit of the season. I love giving to others, I love teaching my children the reason for the season, and I love the magic that it seems to bring. I love Christmas clothes and Christmas decorations, and Christmas food and Christmas events. The Atwood family had a great time celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus. 
Brian was able to do some hunting over the break. One morning he killed the limit with the ducks and brought them home to clean. The children were so excited that they jumped out of the car to go see them in their church clothes!!! 
Of course Lilly LOVED the ducks and Walt just really wasn't sure about them. It took him a little while, as usual. 
They loved checking them all out.....but before they got into the ducks or cleaning them, I told them that we had to go get out of our church clothes. 
Lilly INSISTED that they put on camo, to go along with the event! She is so funny. She wanted to pose and pictures with all of the DEAD ducks. 
YAY, Walt!!! He is finally getting into it and agreed to hold one by the neck!! 
Daddy was cleaning them, Lilly was grabbing the duck breast and putting in into the bowl and Walt was putting the carcass into the garbage sack!! I was taking pictures and making sound affects! :) 
We went to see the Polar Express Movie with the Crabtree family. We saw it at the Pink Palace iMax Theater and it was awesome. When I say that my hyper little 2 year old boy, who never sits still, never moved....he NEVER moved. He didn't flinch the entire time. Every now and then he would lift his little 3d glasses above his eyes and then bring them right back down. We went to eat at Cracker Barrel and then to see Southern Lights. Colt is Walt's best buddy....he loves him so much, and Colt is super sweet to Walt. 
We were able to hang out with our Aunt Lala and Uncle Tom some over the break. 
My children love going to see them and play at their house. 
Christmas Eve finally came. Lilly and Walt were so excited all day long, because Santa Claus was coming "TONIGHT" she would say. We let them open the 3 gifts that we gave them on Christmas Eve before they went to bed. 

Lilly's favorite was her baby doll, "just like Anna Lauren's, mama!" 
Walt loved all each of his 3 the same, I think....he is so easy to buy for because he likes EVERYTHING. when he opened his picture he said, in the sweetest voice, "it's DAK, mama! Him Runnin!!" :) 
Walt also LOVES his football game...he loves that it has a "football field". 
Santa came and two little children were soooooo excited. 
Santa brought Lilly her talking bird in a cage and 
Santa brought Walt his guns and balls. My kiddos are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 
After a fun morning and afternoon of playing with the toys Santa brought us, we headed on over to Tunica to see what "loot" we could come up with there. Walt found a fire chiefs costume, complete with his "waterhose" because that boy LOVES a water hose with his fire attire.  
Lilly found Elsa's dress and is in LOVE! 
The Atwood children and their dead ducks wish you a very MERRY CHRISTmas! 
This was our Christmas card this year!!
Thank you GOD for sending down LOVE in the form of a baby at Christmas time. You sure do love us more than we will ever deserve!!! 

Merry Christmas! 
The Atwood Family 
Brian, Sara Whitten, Lilly and Walt 

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