Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015

We hopped on a plane took off to Maryland to see Grammy, Aunt Jamie, Aunt KK, Aunt Shelly, PopPop, Grandma Shirley all of the aunts, uncles and cousins. The kids had a blast...I don't have many pictures because they were busy playing all of the time. 
Kyle, Riley, Walk, Lilly, Mikayla and Mallory. 

 Sweet girls...they love each other. 
 Walt and Aunt KK watching some TV....he loves her so much! 
 Zoo Lights at the Washington, DC Zoo. Lilly posed with the Santa Panda, but Walt, of course, would not even get close. HA! 
 We waited in line 45 minutes for glow in the dark cotten candy. 

 We spent New Years Eve watching our Bulldogs in the Orange Bowl. Walt LOVES playing with Colt and Hastings.
 Lilly with a New Years Eve Sparkler. 
 PayPay and Walt man watching the fireworks show from afar!! 
 Sweet girls giving a group hug. 
 Lilly, Piper, Aubrey Claire, Hayden and Denni Grace having a fun time New Years Eve. 
Here's to another wonderful year....bring it on 2015. 

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The Murphree Family said...

Love that I can keep up with y'all. You are doing so good with updating your blog. (I love the picture of Lilly with the sparkler!) I've let ours sit for over a year--not that anyone really read it, but it was a great documentation of our life. Let's get together soon! Love you!