Friday, February 6, 2015

January 2015 - Ducks, Deer, Basketball and Other Things

We decided to go to Fins and Grill on a cold January night! It is Lilly's favorite place to eat. The girl will eat everything on her plate, so I don't mind taking her. Walt, on the other hand, is hard to deal with at any eatery! He was all smiles here.......
 the picture on the left is of him UNDER the table because he is scared of the fire. 
 I had to take and document this picture of Lilly. She fell asleep on the way to the restaurant but she was clutching that money so tight. LuLu gave her money for Christmas, so since then this girl has been all about earning money, saving money to buy an American Girl doll, using her money to buy dinner. She is so funny talking about it and getting it out of her Money Box that she and Sissy (Betsy) made. It says "Do NOT Touch Lilly's Money". 
 This little hunter is raring to get in that deer stand with his daddy. He has pitched many a fit this past month when I tell him that his daddy is hunting. I finally just had to start saying he had a meeting, because I couldn't deal with the screaming and crying of him wanting to go. "I go with him, mama. I a big boy, I go huntin'" OVER and OVER again! 
It was a Sunday late afternoon and they were playing in the playroom. I went to check on them and I see this.... 
Me: Walt, what are you doing 
Walt: SHHHH!!! Mama, be quiet, I huntin' 
PRECIOUS site, right there. It is amazing to me that he used his sisters dress up center as a deer stand. He has his binoculars and flashlight in there with him, as well. 
 Denni Grace turned 7 and we celebrated at El Charro.....
 of course both girls got pie in their face, the one that was not the birthday girl MORE!!! That does not surprise me! :) 
 Upward Basketball is in full swing....and Anna Lauren and Walt love watching it together. 
 Brian and Colt Crabtree have been burning up the deer stands and the duck blinds. Brian was beyond ecstatic to take Colt hunting and for him to kill his first deer. 
 and the initiation begins!!! Sweet Colt with deer blood all over his face. He couldn't be any happier. 
 Lilly and Walt love helping Uncle Tom clean the ducks. 
 I am laughing at Lilly's apron. She wanted to clean the ducks, "soooo bad, but I really don't want to get my outfit dirty!" Aunt LaLa to the rescue with the apron. 
 Our babysitter is the REAL DEAL....she puts a whole new meaning in the phrase "Emily, will you play with me?" Meet Elsa.....
 Lilly and Anna Lauren had fun at Skatasia. roller skating. Hayden, Piper and Denni Grace had a fun birthday party. 
 The first little while these two spent lots of time on the floor, but by the end of the party, they were pros! 
 It's always a great day when we see our Sam! We miss her so much. 
 Magnolia's 5k celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as an old lady. I know that I am partial, but she is the cutest little old lady I have ever seen. She was SOOOOO EXCITED about going to school on this day. 
 Miss Allison started Show and Tell Friday's for anyone that has 5 smiles for the week. Lilly chose to take Sissy's Homecoming Queen crown for her first time. She loves her Sissy and love the fact that she is a QUEEN!! 
 Aunt My came to visit for the weekend and she brought her friend, Louanna. Lilly loved her and of course was in Heaven with Aunt My and Aunt LaLa. 
 It's been a crazy winter....we have had some really cold days and then the next very day it will be 60 degrees. Hence why everyone is staying sick, I suppose. Anyway, we celebrated MLK day at the park. Walt loves the digging toys. 

 Walt has already gone on a Friday night date....with Emerson to Applebees! They are such cuties. 
 I am so very blessed to have wonderful Sunday School teachers for my children. I am especially thankful for the teacher that sends me pics of my little man learning how to LISTEN TO JESUS! He is learning so much about His maker and how much he is LOVED by his creator. 
 I was so blessed to be able to spend a great day with just my sweet boy. Lilly was invited to a friend's house, so Walt and I took Mamie and Boo to a MSU basketball game. 
 He LOVED the Hump. He was a little confused because he kept asking for football and saying "Where's DAK, Mama?" Who was saying, "I go to Bully's House, I go see him!" 
 We had a great time. The dawgs beat the LSU tigers and we were there!! 
 Boo and Walt watch some basket ball. Look at Walt's hands in his cute. 
 Hands up!!!! 
 Walt went to LeBonheur on Monday to have a little outpatient surgery done, but I knew he wasn't feeling his best. 
 We went back to pre-op and stayed long enough to get a toy, tools like his daddy. The anesthesiologist came in and took one listen to his lungs and sent us packing to the pediatrician's office. :(
 Dr. Naranyan said no surgery but instead THREE breathing treatments a day, so those lungs can clear up and get stronger. I am so sick of this weather and the sickness that it is causing everyone. 
 We have had a blessed start to 2015. Lilly is growing and learning more and more every day. Walt is loving his little 2 year old pre-school and going to Miss Becky's house. He is talking so much and growing up so fast. I still love my job and am so thankful to have it. Brian is working hard, he is stressed but we are thankful that he has work and lots of it. 

Love to All, 
Sara Whitten 

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