Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February 2015 - Valentine's Day and Lilly is 6

February was a busy month. It was full of fun, and also came with breathing treatments for my Walt man. He doesn't like breathing treatments, but he loves going to the doctor.  I am so thankful that my children love Dr. Naranyan. 
Walt with his buddies on Valentine's Day. He loves Cole and Emma Cate!! 
Lilly and Emerson with their Valentine bears from their friend Aubree. It was a day full of LOVE! 
A most definite change of pace for us was getting all dressed up and going to Charity Ball with friends. Brian and I had such a great time with each other and our beautiful friends. I am so blessed to be able to able to "do life" with each one of these women. God has blessed me with wonderful friends. 
Lilly and I had an outing with the girls to eat dinner and see The Lion King at the Orpheum Theater. 
Here we all are waiting for the show to start. Kelly, Emily and Denni Grace were wonderful friends to take to the show. The girls enjoyed the show so much. When it was almost over, Lilly tapped me and whispered "Mama, next time we come can we get those seats?" She was pointing the orchestra section!! My girl is high maintenance, but she gets it honest! 

I have to capture these shots when I can. They are VERY RARE around my house these days. 
How can these two girls be SIX years old. Oh they have gotten so big. I love them both so much. It's been a fun six years watching these two grow. They had their birthday party at the Tunica Aquatics Center. They had a BLAST. 

Lilly with her buddies, Jackson and Joseph. 
Lilly and sweet Eliza Jane!! 
Ella Grace, Lilly, Eliza, Emerson Camilla and Sidney! 
My Walt man had a great time, too! He told me when we got in the car, "I like it, Mama, I not scared anymore!" Sweet boy, last year I took them and he REFUSED to get in the water. 
Walt and Caden Yount, up to know good!!!:) 
Lilly with her Daddy...she does love him. 
Silly Lilly being herself with LuLu and B...Thanks for coming! 
Lilly was so excited to have Sissy, Cooper and Ashlynn come her party. 
We left the swimming friends party and went to Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa's for the family birthday party. Lilly was so happy to be able to open her presents from all of us, ESPECIALLY her Mamie. 
Mamie gave her, Grace, the American Girl Doll, that she has been asking for. Her comment when she opened the present was "Thank you! I am SOOOO GLAD that you didn't spend your money on anything else!" You gotta LOVE that girl. Thank you Kelly, Aubrey Claire and Denni Grace for being our "family". 
Aunt LaLa, Aunt Mary Lou, me. Denni Grace, Lilly and Grace all enjoying some good family time!
These two sweet friends LOVE each other so much. Aunt LaLa just happened to have her American Girl Doll, Samantha, at her house, so DG and Lilly both had dolls to play with. 
Thanks Aunt LaLa for the matching PJ's for Grace and Lilly!! 
Thank you NuNu and Uncle Jerry for coming to spend the afternoon and evening with us. Lilly is loved by so many!
What is a party without a cake....2 cakes in less than 5 hours...why not?? 
Happy 6th Birthday to my animal loving, princess whose love for life inspires me everyday. I pray that you never lose it. I love you to the moon and back!!

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