Friday, March 20, 2015

Snow and Spring Break Fun

We have had quite a LOT of them for Mississippi. We had mostly ice, which was NOT FUN, but we FINALLY got some snow and we made the most of it. 
We built snowmen and headed to the bypass to sled!
Lilly and Jake were proud of their snowman. 

Walt wanted his to be a fireman and he was SUPER PROUD of his! 
We headed to the bypass with lots of others and they all had a big time!! Lilly and Walt both LOVED sledding down the hill. Lilly wanted to go down with the older boys, because she was a little leery. Will Howell was her big boy of choice. 
Walt and Jake decided to take a ride together and about half way down they bit the dust. 
Walt, Will and Ty making a run for it.
These sweet girls always have fun together on snow days, we can always count on the Howell's to fill our long days up with fun. We are especially thankful for letting us camp out over there ALL DAY when we didn't have electricity or water. It happened a few times during the ice and snow!! NO FUN!! 
We had lots of time together during the ice and snow. Brian had his gun cleaning supplies all over Lilly's homework desk for quite a few days. Of course Walt man loved watching, so I looked up one day and I said, "Walt, what are you doing?" His reply, "I cleanin' my gun, Mama!" :) 
I love this little guy and the fact that he wants to do such grown up boy things at the age of two. 
We were so thankful to see our Sidney for just a tiny little bit during one of our snow days. She came over and took Lilly to Wal-Mart to let her pick out a birthday present. Can you tell that she was just a little bit excited? 
Well, she is loaded up with loot and headed home....all smiley and happy. I am not to excited about the nail kit, I see! 
Thank you, Sidney, for the outing and the pictures. We love you!! 
This little guy will not stop going, but this weather tries it's best to slow him down. His asthma just wants to act up, so breathing treatments to the rescue. He is not very fond of them, but every now and then he will cooperate, this was on of those rare times. 
This is just a cute shot that I captured during our church directory photo session, those are always so much fun - NOT!! 
Walt man had to go in for a little outpatient surgery and he did great. He even asks to go back to the "big doctor so he can get another toy" 
Sweet boy after surgery....sleeping peacefully.....
sleeping peacefully at home, too!!
All of our time at home consisted of Walt wearing his MSU jersey 24/7 and shooting the "bad guys" with his gun, on TV!! 
Since we didn't have enough time off....SPRING BREAK 2015....hit right after the snow. The weather wasn't very "springy" but we made the most of it. 
Day 1 -- Movie Day...We went to see the movie Paddinton, it was cute. It didn't keep Walt's full attention, but we made it through the whole thing! 
Nothing cuter than a six year old who decided to give herself bangs....ARGH...and two missing top teeth!!! Sweet girl is snaggled tooth and is having a fit because she "can't eat". 
Spring Break Skating night with these two crazy kids!! 
This little guy was worn out after our outings, nap time just didn't come easy during Spring Break. He had to take it when he could. 
We had a fun day at Marshall's World. We had Aubrey Claire, Hastings, Olivia Kate, Emma Kate, Lilly and Walt. They had so much eating sno-cones and jumping in the bounce houses. 
Spring Break gave us the opportunity to keep this little guy!! We loved having a baby around and having Emma Kate play. 

We ended our week with a church trip to BOUNZ. I might be biased but I had the sweetest group with me!!!  
We had lots of fun but we also had our share of sad moments. We lost our sweet and precious Gunner. Brian had him long before we entered his world. He was with us for 14 years. Lilly adored him and the night before and day after were tough. Gunner will always be our most special dog. 
 I found these pictures and had to post them! She loved to lay all over him and he just let her. 
As always, we are blessed!!!
Love to All, 
Sara Whitten, Brian, Lilly and Walt 

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