Thursday, April 9, 2015

Palm Sunday, Birthday Parties and Easter Weekend 2015

My children LOVE birthday parties. The especially loved Nolen Shannon's 7th birthday. It was a western theme and horses came to town. It was a VERY CHILLY later March day, but my 2 kiddos didn't mind one bit. They both rode and rode the horse and the pony. 

 I was so proud of Walt...he just jumped up on that horse. Before today, he was so scared of them. He was super proud of himself for not being scared. He told me all the way home that he didn't cry and the horses didn't scare him! 
Palm Sunday is such a sweet day at FUMC. The children all walk down the center aisle with their Palm branches to the choir singing. They take them to the alter and lay them down and then sing for the congregation. It's a wonderful start to Holy Week. 
 Sweet and Precious children that we loving living life with.....Lilly, Jackson, Liam, Walt and Ellie. 
 Easter Egg Hunt #1 --- MHS 5K Easter Egg hunt!! 
Lilly, Emerson and Camilla 
 Eliza, the Easter Bunny and Lilly 
Me and my sweet girl. So thankful that I was able to spend the morning with her. 
 Thanks to my sweet friend, Jessica, that was able to go to Walt's Easter egg hunt, I got some sweet pics of him. Lucas is a great friend and we are so thankful for him and his mama and daddy! 
 My little Walt man hunting eggs. 
 so cute....
 The three amigos....and it looks like Cole is the one providing the entertainment, AGAIN! 
 These 3 are always together and have such a big time. 
 Between school and church Easter egg hunts, me, Lilly and Brian had to make a mad dash to Jackson to see a urologist. We had tests run, but they all came back just fine and we are so very thankful.
 After a long day of doctors and test this girl was ready for a pedicure. Her Aunt Libby knew that was going to be the best surprise for doing so good. They had such a great time getting green toes with silver sparkle. :) 
 Church Easter egg little matching darlings. They had so much fun! 
 Walt and Colt---- BEST FRIENDS!
 These 3 were at a again at the church egg hunt. Cole was in rare form, and just wouldn't quit dancing to take a picture....he is the life of the party!! Thank goodness for Lucas, because he going to keep Cole and Walt straight, 
 HAPPY EASTER!!! He is RISEN, indeed!! 
Oh how thankful I am that I serve a risen Savior and that because He LIVES, I can  face tomorrow.
This Easter I wondered more than normal when people would wish me a "Happy Easter", if they knew what that really meant? Do they celebrate a bunny that hops on over to your house in the middle of the night to fill your basket up with goodies? Is it just a time to hunt candy filled eggs, or the beginning of Spring? OR do you know the REAL meaning of you know that the GOD that created each of us, sent His one and only Son to earth as a baby, to live a sinless life and then be crucified on a cross. He died on that cross, so we wouldn't have too...he suffered and felt every single pain that we would ever feel, so that one day we could live forever with him in Heaven. It just amazes me that HE took on flesh for such a sinner like me! I pray that everyone will one day understand why EASTER is such a precious holiday! 
Living he loved me 
Dying he saved me 
Buried he carried my sins far away 
Rising he justified, freedom forever
One day he is coming....OH GLORIOUS DAY!! 

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