Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Walt is 3, 20 years, 5k Field Trip 2015

How can it be that I have a 3 year old little boy? Time is flying by, and I just wish so much I could bottle his cuteness to pull it out when I need a dose of it. 
We celebrated with firetrucks and crawfish the day of his birthday. 

Big sister, Lilly, loved helping him celebrate! 
Jake is always so much fun at our birthday parties! 
We wouldn't know what to do without Aubrey Claire! She keeps all of the kiddos in check, and us parents are so thankful for her sweet spirit! 
It was so great to get to visit with Monica, Paige and Laura. I love them! 
This little guy had so much fun at his party. He asked for a gun from everyone there, so he got lots of them and loves every single one. Thank you Aunt NuNu and Uncle Jerry for this "deer hunting gun" as Walt calls it! 
Hannah, Walt's favorite babysitter, brought him his favorite chocolate candy. 
Time sure does fly when you are having fun! What a priceless 3 years it has been. I love this little boy with all my heart. I know he wants to be so big so he can play baseball, football and go hunting, but I am just fine at 3. 
When in doubt on where these two are, you can pretty much bet that they will be some where putting on some make-up. These best friends LOVE some make-up and are constantly thinking about it and talking about it. I love them and their little girl ways. 
We have had lots of cousin time lately and my kids have loved every bit of it. John, Katherine and Josephine visited with us Easter Sunday and we had so much fun. Walt is still talking about John and calls him "my best friend", it's so sweet. 
Riley Dean visited with us for 5 days! They had loads of fun! 
blue tongues from sno cones at the Rivergate Festival. 
20 year TIL Class Reunion! 
I celebrated being out of high school for 20 years, last weekend. It is so hard to believe that it has been 20 years since I have hung out with this exact group of girls!!! I had know idea how much I missed them until I saw them. Old friends that know all about you and love you anyway...Terri, Suzi, Dawn and Jett....we rocked the class of 1995!!! 
Me, Brigham and Jett....catching up before going to join the rest of the crew. 
Tommy II....Walt loved meeting Tommy and sitting on his motorcycle at the family picnic. 
My sweet little girl with my one of my oldest and dearest friends, Brigham. I do adore her and value our friendship. I pray that Lilly can have a friend like Brigham!! 
I love my Jett! She is 5 days older than me and we have been together since the beginning! It was like a shot of good medicine to the soul being with her all weekend. I miss her on a daily basis and how I wish that I our children could grow up together! 
Lilly and Georgia, Jett's little girl. They were instant friends and played together all day!! 
Such a fun group...Jett, Mandy, Donny, Sara Whit, Dawn, Tommy and Shelly in this picture. 
Shelli with her baby, Lelin. We have all spent so many hours praying for this baby girl. How great it was to be able to see this beautiful miracle. 
Walt and Brian playing at the TIL playground! 
Lilly and Walt having fun at the picnic and getting ready for Crawfish Alley 
Crawfish Alley 2015....our annual picture with Uncle Tom 
Walt man will not eat crawfish, but he loves the corn! 
Lilly riding the bull at the Rivergate festival! 
Another year of crawfish alley in the books....this year we left with 4 live crawfish to keep "as pets". 
5k Zoo Field Trip.....I started going to the zoo with this little girl when she was in 3k, and now it's over! This was our last zoo field trip together. I start over next year with Walt, but this is all just so bitter sweet, my little girl going to 1st grade! She and Emerson were excited to be together. 
Silly girls....they wanted to take a picture making silly faces. 
Eliza, Emerson, Ysabella, Caroline and Lilly. All sweet girls excited about being at the zoo. 
Miss Allison's 5k 
What a cute bunch....Caroline, Anna Lauren, Emerson, Lilly, Ty, Jake, Maddox, Jake and John Walt. They are quite a crew, and they all love each other so much! 
Lilly, Maddox, Caroline, Jake and Ty
Sweet and silly girls...Emerson, Lilly, Caroline, and Anna Lauren. 
My sweet boy playing!!! I love this picture, thanks Aunt Jamie for getting it! 
Spring has sprung at the Atwood home and we are in full swing of end of the year count down. Walt wants to be outside 24/7, is obsessed with baseball and Lilly wants to be riding her bike all the time. She is DONE with school, so keeping her on task has been a struggle, but we are almost there. We are healthy and happy....Praise God for that!! 

Love to all, 
Sara Whitten 

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