Tuesday, June 2, 2015

5k Parties and Graduation, 2k is over, Mamie's Birthday

Introducing our "Graduate"! Isn't she just the cutest graduate EVER! I am so proud of her. Kindergarten was super tough on this cutie. She had a hard time realizing that the fun was over...no more dress up stations, play kitchens and toys...she had to learn how to read, among other things. She has grown up so much in the past 9 months. We have all learned a lot this school year. So get ready 1st grade here she comes, no more mini-mag and on to the "big building" as Lilly calls it. 

She had lots of fun at her end of the year party! 
Lilly with her sidekick, Emerson. These two girls love each other and are such sweet friends. 
Lilly and Emerson petting the ferret. 
This crew has been together since 3k. They are such good friends. Emerson, Lilly, Maddux and Jake...a wild but precious group.
We survived our year without Anna Lauren in our class. In August you would have thought it was the end of the world. They weren't in the same class but it didn't keep them totally apart. They were together every chance that they could be. 
Praise JESUS for this sweet lady and friend of mine. Words can't express how much admiration and respect I have for GOOD teachers. Those teachers that go the extra mile to make sure that one child "gets it". Those teachers that love your children unconditionally. Teaching is by far the most underpaid, disrespected profession there is by the world's standards, so when your child is blessed with an AWESOME teacher it is a gift from God. We could not have made it this year without the love, dedication, encouragement and push to always do better from this amazing teacher. Her easy going personality, sweet spirit, but no nonsense demeanor when it mattered was JUST what Lilly Whitten needed, and God knew it. I am thankful that God placed her in my life several years ago as my friend and in Lilly's life as her teacher! We love you, Mrs. Allison.  
Her role in the 5k Graduation program When I Grow Up was a rock star....I thought it was pretty fitting myself. 
We are so very thankful for Sidney and all that she does for us when she is HOME!! She happened to be home Graduation night, so Lilly was able to get her hair and make-up done by the best around. Sidney even gave Lilly a pair of Ray Bans...yep, you heard me...who knew they made them for "little people"? 
Sissy and Clayton were in the house and Lilly couldn't have been happier. We are so thankful that they are home for the summer, too! Lilly thinks these two hung the moon. 
Thank you Mamie and Boo for always being there for every event. My kids are blessed with wonderful grandparents. 
Sweet Aunt LaLa, ALWAYS there for us. She is such a great aunt, and is always blessing me and my kids with how much she loves them. Lilly sure does have lots of fans! 
I promise you no one loves her as much as her mama and daddy do!! We will always be her #1 fan. My prayer everyday for he is that she always knows and believes that. 
Lilly, the rock star and Caroline, the nursery school teacher about to start this show! 
Look at all of those cuties!!! 
She did so good "One day I'll be a singer, you just wait and see. You will hear me on the radio and also on TV." 
Lilly with Vet Emerson! 
Abbey and Alden, some more of Lilly's fan club. 
Lilly and Pharmacist Anna Lauren. 
Lilly loves our Headmaster, Dr. Lishman. We are so thankful for his leadership that he gives to MHS.
What a fun 3 years it has been with "Ally" as our principal. We are sure going to miss her working at MHS. It has been such another God send to have this wonderful lady leading the elementary school. Although we will miss her being at school each day we know that will still get to see her lots and lots. Lilly even said, "Maybe she can pick me up since she doesn't have to go to work anymore!" :)
Who can forget about this little guy!!?? The day after Lilly graduated Walt had his last day of 2k at First Baptist Church. What a wonderful little year he had with his teachers and new friends. 
Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Kay have the patience or Job to deal with a classroom full of 2 year olds everyday but these 3 boys alone will give you a run for your money. They have become quite the trio, Lucas, Walt and Cole. Not only do they play with each other at school they play with each other at church, too. We are going to miss being in class with them everyday. I pray that God will make it possible for them to be together again soon. 
We took a Saturday trip with the Hale family to the new Bass Pro Shop in the Pyramid. It's a site and the kids had a great time. Walt loved riding his crush, Taylor, on the 4-wheeler. 
When Sidney is at home, that means the chances are HIGH that Lilly will get to ride a horse! This new horse's name is Fancy! It's just Lilly's size! She is so excited about riding her more this summer. Thanks, Sid for taking time with her! 
Baseball season is here, so we had to go cheer these cuties on. Jake and Maddux are always so excited when Lilly comes to watch. 
the 5 Star City Festival was a great success....Lilly and I went to participate in the fun, while the boys stayed at home. Lilly stayed with the bands and the stage the entire time. She loved the music. 

Happy Happy Birthday to our Mamie!!! 
We are SO VERY THANKFUL that you were born and are our mama and mamie!! 
The Atwood family is love being out fro the summer. It's so nice to not have to worry about getting the kids ready in the morning and about school work. Lilly is loving life!! We have a great summer planned and can't wait to share it with. 

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mark lawrence said...

Elated to see stylish kids celebrating Mamie's birthday. I am really happy for my friend getting married soon. Went for her engagement party at one of the lavish LA venue booked by her father. Decorations and Dj was great. Even the catering department was handled by the staff in a perfect manner.