Monday, August 10, 2015

Cancun, Staycation and the Lake

This seems like forever ago, but it happened!! Brian and I went to Cancun with our wonderful friends, Paige and Carter. What an amazing week it was, full of peace, quiet and relaxation. The weather was great, and the hotel was luxurious. 

 The food was interesting and very this pistachio ice cream. 
 What a sweet surprise to get this sweet note in my suit case from my little girl! 
 She is so precious and is always thinking of others. I pray that she stays like this. 
 My wonderful brother, Tom, and sister-in-law, Laura, kept my kiddos while we were gone. I am so thankful for them. Lilly and Walt did great while we were away and they had so much fun. These are some of pictures that we got while we were gone! 
Lilly and Aunt LaLa eating at Applebee's. 
 Bath time at LaLa and Uncle Tom's house....
 Walt had so much fun with Uncle Tom. He got to go to work with him a couple of days and out to eat. He was able to harvest wheat and eat at the restaurant with bully! :) 
 4th of July little firecrackers are showing their patriotic side! 

 We had a great long weekend that we called the Withers' "staycation". It was a great weekend full of the pool and family time. We loved having Aunt My at home, too! 
 Lilly Whit decided that she was going to be the "lifeguard" for the weekend. This was her uniform for most of the weekend. 

 We all went to Kathryn's, sans kids, to eat for my daddy's birthday. 
 After the Withers' staycation we went back to work for 3 days and then headed out to see PopPop and Grandma Shirley in South Carolina. We started our time at the zoo. It was a great zoo and the kids had a great time. 

 PopPop and Grandma Shirley live on the lake, so the rest of our time was spent there. 
Walt loved the boat and helped PopPop drive. 
 My little lake rats!! 
 The kids LOVED riding the jet ski. One time when they rode it and they stopped to let me take their picture, two seconds later they CRASHED!!! Brian and Lilly thought it was funny, but Walt thought differently. 
The lake wears these babies out.....

It's been a great month full of family and fun.
We are blessed!! 

Love to All, 
Sara Whit, Brian, Lilly and Walt 

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