Thursday, August 20, 2015

End of Summer - Start of School 2015

We have been having a busy end to our summer. Hannah has been keeping Lilly and Walt and we were sad to say goodbye to her. She didn't leave without asking those two a big question. She gave them both treasure boxes, Lilly's had a crown in hers that asked her to a flower girl. Walt had a baseball in his that asked him to the ring bearer. They are both SOOOOOO excited. We can't wait to share this special day with her! 

 Walt loved his so much he wanted to sleep with it. 
Lilly's last big hoorah for the summer was going to see Aunt My for the week in Nashville. It just so happened that my BESTIE from Nashville was in town and she was able to take Lilly back with her. I loved getting this picture from Andrea while they were on the road!! My sweet girl with he babies, watching that movie! 
WOW!! How I love these three kiddos. I am so happy that Lilly was able to spend some time with Hayden and Hudson. All of my best friends from high school live far away so our kids don't get to play together, which makes me really sad! Lilly was able to spend the day and night with Andrea and her boys, so she got some good bonding time in with them. 
 Mamie and Boo's pool entertained this wild and precious crew. I love these children more than they will ever know. Olivia Kate, Lilly, Aubrey Claire, Denni Grace, Colt, Walt and Will make life so much fun. I am thankful for their families and how they love mine!!
It is SOOOOO HARD to believe that our time with Mrs. Becky has come to a close. Walt has stayed with her most everyday since he was 8 weeks old. He went from being baby Walt, the youngest one in her house, to Walt man, the oldest one in her house. I can't thank this precious, selfless soul enough for caring for and helping me to raise my little boy. She has been there with me every step of his first 3 1/2 years of life. I had perfect peace dropping him off each day and for this mama that meant every thing. So, saying good-bye to Mrs. Becky was harder than Walt actually starting school.
WE LOVE YOU, Mrs. Becky!!! 
Meet the Teacher was a success! These silly kiddos were super excited about meeting their teacher and seeing who was in their class. Lilly has Mrs. Sexton for her 1st grade teacher and Walt has Mrs. Laura and Mrs. Kristy for 3k. 
1st day of school. Walt was THRILLED to be able to wear a uniform like his Sissy and Lilly was THRILLED that they could dress a like. She makes sure that they have the same color shirt and bottoms on everyday. 

Lilly wanted to pose with the dogs, Walt refused! 
Thank goodness John Brantley is with us everyday! Walt left some sweet friend at FBC pre-school, but JB came with him and that makes us all very happy!!! 
Lately, I pick up my phone and I have quite a few selfies from this girl. I even have several videos of her blowing me kisses and telling me that she loves me. There is nothing more precious than hearing those words from my babies. 
Walt was in Heaven for about 3 minutes when Mr. Jerry let him sit on his motorcycle in the church parking lot. Scared me to death and he only SAT on it!! 
It was a hot night, but a fun one as a group of us went to Snowden Grove to worship Jesus. We sat on the lawn and sang praises to the KING led by Kari Jobe, Hillsong and others. It was a wonderful night and one that touched my soul. God is good and listening to my children sing praises and worship at the ages of 6 and 3 gives me hope!! 

All our LOVE, 
The Atwood Family 

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