Friday, September 18, 2015

Football Season is Here!! HAIL STATE!

In case you didn't know that it's football season, this post will leave you with no doubt!! 
It was a mama and her boys trip in late August to MSU Fanfare 2015. My friend, India and I loaded up our boys and three older ones, Carson, Colt and Hastings and headed south to see if we could catch Dak and the rest of the team for some pictures and autographs! 

 After a great lunch at Mug Shots, this crew tackled the MSU campus, and let me just tell was fun and we had a great and productive day, but it was NOT EASY! The lines were long and we have to get there 2 hours early and wait and wait and wait. They were all troopers and at the end of the day our mission was accomplished!! 
 This picture came off of the MSU Football facebook page. Walt and I were famous for a little while on there! :) This is Walt man giving our brand new recruit and true freshman quarterback, Nick Fitzgerald, a high five.
 WE MADE IT!!! We are face to face with DAK PRESCOTT! This was another picture that made the MSU Football page and I am so thankful that I have this memory captured. Walt was in awe and he is still talking about it one month later. 
 Walt man is smiling now, giving Dak a high five. He said "hey, buddy" when we were there and now Walt tells everyone "Dak said, hey buddy to me." 
 .....and the moment that I have been waiting for....I got my little man's picture with one of the greatest players in MSU history. It was worth the long lines and the heat! 
 We love Brandon Bryant! He is a Tunica town boy and we can't wait to see what he does on the field. He is SUPER FAST and has so much personality. He already brings so much energy to the team. Walt likes to look at this picture all the time, too! He says, "dat is Bwandon from tuncana!" I love the way he talks and am going to miss it so much!! 
 After we left Fanfare, we took the boys to see Dudy Noble Field.
 GAME TIME!!! I didn't think it would ever arrive! Walt and I were the most excited out of everyone in my family, no doubt about it. We had such a sweet time being with such dear friends! This picture is with some of my most favorite people in all the world!!! Bekah, Monica and my Betsy!!! They have blessed my life in so many ways! 
 It's our favorite MSU cheerleader of all times!!! We love Delaney Miller and are so thankful that she is so good to us on game days!!! We are sure going to miss her next year! 
 When Aunt LaLa comes to the games, it makes everything better, especially for me! She is such a HUGE help with my kiddos!!! 
 Lilly and Denni Grace loving some MSU pre game!! 
 We found our sweet Maggie hidden away in her tent!!! 
 Walt had the best view at the Dawg Walk, he told me that he saw DAK and that he had on a RED shirt....I think that it was probably maroon, but hey, close enough!! 
Lilly and Denni Grace thought that it was MOST important for them to take their baby dolls, and Lilly her doll and stuffed kitty!!! My word....these girls are high maintenance. They looked at me like I was CRAZY when I suggested that they leave them at the tent!  
 Uncle Andy and Walt heading into the stadium!! Uncle Andy is such a good sport, but he throws up his thumbs down signs EVERY chance he gets!!! 
 Cheering with my matter where she moves, I can always count on the fact that she and I will be together during football season!!!! My extra ticket is always offered to her FIRST!!! 
 Family and football!!! Love this crew!!! 
 Walt has discovered "BIG" cowbells....thanks to Aunt LaLa. He know longer wants the "little" one anymore!!! UGH!!! 
 Meanwhile, at the tent....these two cheerleaders bundled up and took a nap! 
We had to wait such a LONG time after the game was over because the traffic was so bad, but were able to meet and take a picture with Devon Bell. Devon was such a great sport for taking a picture with us after the sad loss in the last seconds!!! 

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