Friday, November 6, 2015

Cinderella, Football and Halloween 2015

Lilly Whitten had a night out with these pretty ladies. She was so excited to spend some quality time with them. Her "fair godmother" took her and Sissy to the "fire place" (kyoto) and to see Cinderella at the Orpheum Theater. Lilly is such a blessed little girl to have such special people to love her. 

Lilly and LuLu, Lilly's fairy godmother. 
Silly girls....Betsy and Lilly  

It was a great day to be able to spend the day in Starkville and the game with these precious friends. Lindsey and Luke love the DAWGS as much as Walt and I, so they joined us for the Homecoming game. The boys had so much fun, and so did Linds and I. 
It was an 11 o'clock kick off, so the game was over early. We were able to go down to the field and the boys high fived some players. Donald Gray stopped to take a picture with them! 
MHS had theie last football game and the little cheerleaders were able to cheer with the big girls at the pep rally. Lilly loves her Emily and was right beside her the whole time.
 Our Warrior friends had an exciting game and we were so happy to support them and cheer them to victory. It was a great win against Lafayette. Go Warriors....we are all so proud. 
 Happy Happy Birthday, Aunt LaLa!!! We are soooooo very thankful that you were born. God made you to do lots of things, but one of the main ones is to love Uncle Tom!!! How blessed we are that you are in our family! 
More MSU football fun with Clayton....
and Sissy.....
 Look at my little man, waiting on the players to get off the bus. He LOVES the Dawg Walk. 
 This picture is priceless to me. I am soaking up these moments with him. 
We beat the Kentucky Wildcats and Walt was having a fit to go see the "pwayers". So, we did and it was a field day. I cold not believe how many we saw. They were all so nice and were excited to take a picture with him. Fred Brown gave Walt his towel, and then he said "can I go out on the field with you?" It was so cute!! He carries his towel everywhere. 
Hey, Fred Ross!!! 
 Walt said, "Wook, mama,'s D'RUNNYA!" 
 Donald Gray, is Walt's buddy! He looks at his picture and says "That's my buddy, Donald Gray!"
Walt's first Halloween party at MHS 3k.

Walt had a great time playing the game, blowing his spider in the spider race. 
Lilly's party was a success and they were so excited to see Walt. They made him feel just like a first grader and he was so happy to be there with his sister and friends. 
 Lilly and Walt after a successful Halloween day at school. 
Happy Halloween 2015 from the ROCKSTAR
Happy Halloween 2015 from the blue Power Ranger and his friend the dinosaur, John Brantley. 
Here is my attempt to get a picture of both my children, together!! Walt DID NOT want his picture taken and it wasn't worth the fight! So, the Atwood Family hopes all of you had a great Halloween and are looking forward to the holiday!!! 
Much LOVE to you ALL, 

Brian, Sara Whitten, Lilly and Walt

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