Monday, December 14, 2015

Family, Football and Thanksgiving

We had a break in MSU football so we were able to make it to the Hollywood to see some of our favorite folks!! Miss Patti and the Turnrow played at the Hollywood and it's something that we love to go and do. My children LOVE Miss Patti as much as I do, and it was such a treat to watch her sing and play. 
Sweet Mary Stanford was there, too and we got some good loving in on that precious baby!! 

Miss Patti with my babies!! 
Sweet kisses from Mary Stanford !! 
 Walt and Brian enjoying a night at the Hollywood 
Lilly's friend Emma Kate had a Princess tea party and Lilly dressed as Elsa. 

On the same day as the Elsa birthday party, Walt went hunting for the first time with his daddy!
 Uncle Tom, Walt and Daddy all ready to go to the deer stand. 
 My sweet boy looking for deer in the stand! 
Walt and his buddies singing at church on Wednesday night. 
 My sidekick and I on the way to the Egg Bowl. At this point in the day we were so excited and nervous!!
The Dawg Walk 
 Dak's last Dawg Walk....what a ride it has been! 
 We have our tickets and into Davis Wade we go. Walt is ALWAYS concerned about the tickets. He asks me if I have the tickets about 5 times during the day. 
Sweet Nash and Sweet Walt at the tent...these boys have grown up at MSU. 
And Walt had enough of the Egg Bowl by half way through the first quarter. I don't blame him, I wish I could have just fallen asleep, too! It was a tough night! We were surely sad, but we still love our DAWGS and have had such a great football season. 
My little turkey had a Thanksgiving feast at school. He did so good and I was so proud of him. He loves his buddies John Brantley and Battle. 
 Sweet Hannah and Walt are sweet friends. 
Claire and Walt man are such cute little Indians. 
So thankful that I got to spend the morning with this turkey! 
 We have so many things to be thankful for this holiday season. We are blessed well more than we deserve!!! 
The Atwood Family 

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