Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Part 1

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! 
Thankful that I was able to spend a night with these sweet friends!!! 
India and Summer always make me smile and I am so happy that they want to include my old self in their fun life!! 
When India is around, we are guaranteed to laugh!! 
 I was so proud of Walt man...he did great singing in church. 
 He also did a great job at his Christmas play. He was the perfect cow and his buddy, Micah, the perfect donkey! 
 Lucas and Walt, precious cows, that did great. They didn't sing, BUT they walked down the aisle and sat on the stage and did not cry or run to mama. This is HUGE for those two! They are growing up! 
 He is not sure, but he is doing it! 
 My sweet girl, LOVES her some Santa and she was so happy to go with her friends, Anna Lauren and Emerson to Breakfast with Santa. 
Lilly and Anna Lauren, giving Santa BIG hugs!! 
 Another big deal happened this Christmas and that is that Walt is NOT afraid of Santa Claus. Last year when he realized that the man in the big red suit is responsible for bringing him those presents, his attitude changed! 
Lilly giving Santa more hugs!! 
It was very impromptu, but Walt and I got up on Saturday morning and we rushed to Starkville to watch the bulldogs practice for the Belk Bowl. It was an open practice and also the last time we would get to see Dak. It was AWESOME!! Walt had an amazing time and of course I did, too! There were not many people there, so the players were able to spend lots of time with all of us. Dak was being funny and interacting with all of us. Someone asked Dak who is favorite NFL team was and he said the Dallas Cowboys, Walt's response, "The cowboys? Yuck! I like the redskins, that's my Daddy's team!" It was priceless and super cute! 
Walt man has fallen in love with #6, Donald Gray, this season. He is so super nice and treats Walt like a super star. Walt says that Donald Gray is his "buddy". We are excited about seeing him back in action next season. 
There he is....BEAR FORCE ONE!!! D'Runnya Wilson!! Oh how much fun he is to watch. We hope hope hope is back on Scott Field next year. The NFL can wait, D'Runnya!!! 
 Fred Ross is super cool with his orange hair. Walt says. "you know Fred Ross with the orange hair!" not to be confused with this great guy.....
 Fred Brown!!!! Thanks Fred for being great and taking so much time with the little guys!! 
We were getting ready to leave and I told Walt that we needed to start walking to the car. He said, "we can't, mama, we didn't see Devon Bell, the kicker!" Devon Bell will always be his favorite kicker! We are going to miss him next year! 
 And the man himself....Coach Dan Mullen!! Thanks, Coach for sticking around to give us some photo and autograph opps!! 
 My little man on the practice football field.
 This is the hat that Walt snatched off my Dad's head about a year ago. He LOVES it. I have bought him one that fits him better, that is not as worn, but doesn't like any of them. We were in such a hurry to get there we didn't bring anything to sign. We got to the field and we realized that the hat was in the car. This hat just keeps becoming more and more special! 
Reindeer Day for Walter and Pajama Day for Lilly...Walt was in no mood for pictures! 
 Here is the pic of our Supper Club kids....Christmas Supper Club rocked!! I love my friends! 
 I was so thankful that I was able to be in charge of this little guys Christmas party this year. 
 He had a great time making his Gingerbread house, 
 visiting with his friend, Claire, 
 hanging out with his buddy Nash, 
 and opening his present from Miss Laura and Miss Kristy! 
 His friend, Hannah, helped him out a bit because he was not doing it fast enough, she said! 
Meanwhile, Lilly was at her first grade party with our sweet Hannah. It's hard to be at two places at once. Thankful that Hannah could come be "me". 
Lilly and sweet Adelaide
 This about sums up this little girl and her excitement for Christmas!! 
The Atwood Family 

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