Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Part 2

Polar Express 2015 
The kids were so excited to be able to ride "the train" to the North Pole 

Mamie and Boo got to come along for the ride. Lilly and Walt have their "golden tickets" and are ready! 
Lilly and Mamie waiting at the train station. 
Walt ran into his good friend Micah at the train station. 
Surprise! Our seats were right beside our good friends Luke and Harper Hogan. 
Santa was on the train and we were all smiles! 
We are all so blessed to have this time together....great Christmas memories. 
The people working on the train were so nice and so much fun. Lilly loved getting to know them. 
We had an eventful Christmas break. Walt had John Brantley over to play one day. I looked up and they had this bucket full of water. I asked them what they were doing and they said, "we are going to feed the cows!" They are so sweet and I love their imaginations. 
We had some bad weather over the holiday, so one afternoon we spent most of it in the bathroom. The Schoggin family was here, too, so it was a tight squeeze. We are thankful that the tornado did not hit our area, but it did hit just a few miles down the road and left some devastating damage. 
Christmas Eve....we started what we hope is a new Christmas tradition. The Norris', Prince's and Atwood families attended Christmas Eve service at FUMC and then we had soup, made cookies for Santa and read the Christmas story together. It was such a sweet and special time with wonderful friends. 
Christmas Eve night with my 2  monkeys! I love them so much! They were so excited about Santa Claus coming to visit! 
Look at all the wrapping paper....Walt LOVED opening the presents. 
Christmas day smiles from these two kiddos. 
I guess Lilly felt the need to open her presents with her new headlamp on her head. 
Walt loves his new Camo sleeping bad and his Washington Redskins football throw. 
Thanks, Uncle Tom!! 
Thanks, Aunt LaLa!! Lilly loves a canvas to paint these days. 
Oh what a day....this picture of our favorite all time player, Dak Prescott....he played in the Belk Bowl. Coach Mullen called a time out and allowed to Dak to "pass the torch" if you will to Nick Fitzgerald. It was such a cool moment. This picture is of him leaving the field in Maroon and White for the very last time. Thanks for the memories, Dak!!! We love you! 
Christmas break was a time when lots of hunting was able to take place. These cute boys were so excited to be in the deer stand. On this particular day, everyone shot and killed a deer...GREAT DAY in the woods!!! 
Brian and Walt were the last ones to shoot on this day and Brian got the BIG ONE. Tom and Brian have been hunting this deer for 2 years!! FINALLY he was shot. Brian won the big buck contest and now this picture is all over my house and the deer is at the taxidermist getting mounted! Can you tell the joy and happiness in my voice??? Just kidding...I am super proud, but I am okay with a few of the pictures coming down!! HA!!
SOOOOO VERY thankful that God has given us another year to grow in His grace and in his love. It was a great one and I am excited about what 2016 has in store the Atwood Family! 

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