Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lilly Whit turns 7 and other Atwood Adventures

Well, I have a 7 year old!!! I can't believe it. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. This little girl has brought more JOY and HAPPINESS into our lives and countless others than we ever knew was possible. We celebrated this princess pretty much all month long. I guess you could say the biggest deal was going to the American Girl Doll store in Nashville with her best friend, Anna Lauren. We had a blast!! 
Lilly and Grace had such a great time. Grace got LOTS of new things, even her very own pet puppy! 

Grammy visited us in the month of February, so we celebrated with her before she left. Lilly wanted to eat at the Mexican Restaurant, and she only asked me 1.1million times if I told them it was her birthday!! The little girl wanted that Mexican birthday pie, BAD!!! 
and a Mexican pie in the face birthday is what she got!! 

We celebrated with very close friends and family the night of her real birthday. She has asked for Elsa and Anna on her birthday cake. I told my friend at work that is what she wanted and LOOK at what she came up with!!! Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Dennie Grace and Lilly love each other so much! We were so glad that she could be there to help us celebrate. Charlie Prince also came to the party and Lilly enjoyed him, as well. 
Beautiful Cake

We had a long weekend in January to celebrate MLK Day and Robert E Lee. We went to Nashville to visit our friends Andrea, Hudson and Hayden and of course our AUNT MY. 
Walt man loves to plat the game Headbanz....but he ALWAYS has to be the Dinosaur. 
We had a MSU Jimmy's Kids Reunion. What an amazing man Jimmy Abraham is. He went to several strategic places and planned reunions for all of his students. We visited with friends and then he gave us a pep talk!!! It was just the medicine that I needed. I am so thankful that God led me down the path of MSU....the pictures below are what made me bleed Maroon and White...NOT football/basketball or baseball!!! HAIL STATE!!! 
Some how my posts got out of order, but these birthday girls were styling on the way to Nashville!! 
We walked into our room and found beds for everyone, even Grace and Julie. 
We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and they both got birthday desserts. 
Here we are....I hope that the American Girl Store is ready for these two, because ready or they come!! 
Grace is getting her hair done. The girl doing her hair got ready to put ribbons in her hair and she picked up a red and blue ribbon and started to put them in her hair. Lilly poked me and said, "mama, no....I don't want those colors, because they are Ole Miss colors!" OOOPS!! We had to politely ask the lady to switch colors. I thought it was hysterical!!! 
I love my can she be 7?? 
Happy Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I love your care free, wild, kind and gentle spirit. I pray that you keep it and that God would show you favor. I am so very blessed to be your mama!!

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